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Regular Donation


At the centre of the body is the heart, consistently working hard to keep everything else alive.

Your sincere charity is the heart of HHUGS. With it we can achieve great things together and assist those that society would normally shun – prisoners and their loved ones. A regular donation to HHUGS is what electrical impulses are to the heart: life.

So be a generous heart beating in support of HHUGS - whether it's £10, £20, £30 or £50 a month, your regular donations are the only means of sustaining our work.


Why regularly donate to HHUGS?

Allah tells us:

And establish prayer and give zakah [charity], and whatever good you put forward for yourselves - you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing” (2:110)

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

…The deed liked most by Allah is one to which the doer adheres constantly even if it is small.” (Muslim)

 “…The one who is generous in charity will be called from the Gate of Charity." (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)


How to donate regularly to HHUGS:

  • Call us on 0207 733 2104 to set up a Direct Debit on the phone
  • Set up a regular payment through your online banking to:


    Al Rayan Bank

    Sort Code: 30-00-83

    Account number: 01269701

    SWIFT code IBOBGB22

    IBAN GB52 LOYD 3096 3401 0241 92

Just as a body cannot survive without a beating heart, HHUGS cannot survive without the generosity of donors like yourselves

NB: Please ensure you contact us with your name, contact details and the donation amount on, and if you are a UK taxpayer, don't forget to complete a Gift Aid declaration to help us maximise your donation.