Detainee 003  is also contemplating returning to  Algeria  but his wife has been trying to convince him not to go because of the potential dangers of torture or death. He is currently detained without charge at HMP Long Lartin.

Hhugs volunteers visited the wife and here is their account:

“We visited the wife of detainee 003. It was on this day that I also gave her some money that HHUGS pays towards her monthly utility bills. I saw the broken door that the Police used to break in and arrest her husband.

She gets terrified every time she hears a Police car passing by and is wary of visitors.

She became emotional when talking about what a kind man her husband is. They had only been married a few months before her husband was first arrested. She is clearly upset and frustrated that they cannot get on with a normal life. She is desperate to start a family but does not know when her husband will be released. She still has no idea why her husband has been arrested as no evidence has been provided to her husband's lawyers.

She gets extremely lonely as the local community have shunned her. Even her closest friend have broken contact as they are scared of being associated with the wife of a so-called 'terror suspect'.

A couple of weeks prior to our visit she told us that there was a chance that her husband would be released so she set about preparing for his home coming by making the flat presentable; only to be told that he had to stay in prison.” Account of a Hhugs volunteer

Hhugs is in regular contact with the wife providing her with emotional and financial support.