“Whoever relieves a believer in distress, Allah will relieve his distress in this world and the next” Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

How can You Help?

The most important thing we would like people to do this Ramadhan is set up a standing order with us as the most beloved charity to Allah swt is that which is continuous even if it is small. We would like everyone who reads this message to encourage their friends and families to set up a standing order with HHUGS. Details of how to do this can be found on our website www.hhugs.org.uk

There are various other ways you can help too.

1. You can make a donations to Hhugs (please visit our Donations Page).

2. You can volunteer your time/skills by filling in our online volunteer form .

3. Make du’as for the detained and their families and ask Allah to make things easier for them.

4. Send Eid cards and gifts to the detainees. You can get your children to draw pictures for them and design the cards.

5. Write or email your MP, asking them to not support the latest “anti-terror” legislation proposals.

The purpose of this blessed month is to get closer to Allah and in doing so, we become closer to each other and learn that we should only fear Him. The ummah is not elsewhere but is right here and is crying out for our help. Charity begins at home; if we start by helping those who are on our very doorsteps, we can then widen our circle of influence to help those who are further away more effectively. While external forces strive to divide and disunite our community, let us use this month as an opportunity to unite and celebrate the unique and beautiful brotherhood of the Muslims.

You can find out more about how YOU can get involved and help the families of the detainees on the following websites: