At HHUGS we know that the most important place to start our help is at the core of each household. We want them to live as normal a life as possible and therefore dedicate a significant amount of our support to catering for every day needs and necessities. More often than not, the most troubling hurdle in their lives centres on their lack of income. To lighten the load, we provide financial support in the form of medical treatment, shopping vouchers, post office cards or postal orders, food packs,, direct payments to cover the costs of utility bills and rent, gifts of furniture, bedding, clothing, furniture, fuel, heating, legal fees, phone bills, and other household expenditures, transportation costs, child-minding, tuitionfees and debt repayment.

Our financial support is tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual beneficiary. Examples include bus fares allowing a detainee on house arrest to reach the mosque in time for Friday prayer, phone cards to contact family abroad and a moses basket for an expectant mother denied access to her belongings stored over 200 miles away. In addition to direct financial help HHUGS also provides household help and food rotas for families under extra strain from pregnancy, post-child birth, bereavements or court hearings.

“For us, if we didn’t have HHUGS in our life to help financially and emotionally, we would have been forgotten by the ummah. We don’t have family, but hhugs fills that big gap. We may not have given anything to you, but your biggest reward is from Allah in this hardship. HHUGS started helping when my eldest was a baby. She’s now a teenager and HHUGS are still here.Your reward is from Allah.” [Wife of a detainee]