HHUGS stepped into our life back in 2011 at a time when everyone else had stepped away…

Waiting nervously to be called back into court, a HHUGS representative approached me and my wife with an offer of support. The sister explained how she had heard about the trial and wanted to help support us through the process. Believe me, the word support can never describe what HHUGS did for me and my wife during one of the most difficult times of our life.

Before we had even been convicted, the community had already ostracized us. We had no-one to speak to, no-one to turn to for help or support. Our own families did not help or support us and we were shunned like outcasts. So when HHUGS gave us the support we so desperately needed, it was an enormous relief for me and my wife to finally have someone to turn to.

I was eventually, after a long trial, found guilty and was to spend a number of years in prison. However, knowing my wife now had support from HHUGS made this hardship much easier to bear.

During my time inside, we encountered a large number of difficulties. But my greatest fear and worry was only for my wife and whether or not she was going to be ok.

HHUGS provided us with 24 hour emotional support when times got really difficult.   My wife received counselling from a wonderful sister who did everything possible to make it easy for her.    During Eid, my wife was never left alone – she would attend parties with the sister and also attend regular coffee mornings where she received ongoing emotional support.

My wife attended events with ‘V.I.P’ treatment, and plenty of opportunities to get away from it all. This helped her regain her focus, preventing her from falling into depression.    Not only did my wife receive emotional support, but she also received financial support to help with bills, shopping and to cover her train expenses when she needed to be at court hearings.  Alhamdulilah, this support was no less than phenomenal, and I know my wife would not have coped without it.

Alhamdulillah I was eventually released, but in many ways my release has been far more difficult and challenging than my incarceration. Prison had all but taken away my confidence.   Even worse, finding work was almost impossible. It was at this critical time that HHUGS helped re-integrate me into the wider community and also help me normalise my daily life.

HHUGS helped me gain independence by paying for my driving lessons and supporting me so I could pass my driving test. Because of our situation, HHUGS even helped us with repayment of our debts so we could focus on moving forward.  They have continued to help with bills and an ASDA shopping card so we can buy our food.   They have even paid for my gym membership to help relieve the stress I have faced since my release, plus they are actively helping me to find work so I can truly be independent again.  

I cannot thank HHUGS enough for the help and support they have given my wife and I – and my short account here only explains a fraction of the help we received from them – because the list of things they have done for us is endless!

I sincerely ask Allah to reward all those who are involved with HHUGS in anyway – whether you are:

  • working with HHUGS
  • donating to HHUGS
  • praying for HHUGS.

I ask Allah to grant you all the highest station in Paradise – Ameen!

JazakAllah for everything HHUGS have done for me and Ali, without HHUGS I would be so lost.   The support, comfort the encouragement from you has been amazing. I never thought I would be able to pick myself back up again.   The HHUGS family and workers have been brilliant and a joy to be around.   JazakAllah for providing the coffee morning, break away, helping me out with the bills, my shopping and giving me the experience to learn how to drive. Jazka’Allah for understanding my needs

“JazakAllah khair HHUGS, this 18 months of your support has been so helpful. Supporting me financially has been a great help it is very hard but with your support everything seems to become very easy. Masha ‘Allah the Key Worker has been very understanding, very supportive – emotionally and has had a lot of sabaar with me. May Allah SWT Reward you with all your efforts…

You have made a big difference to my life and to the lives of others.  I’ve seen it with the HHUGS families based in my city. The support on Eid, giving us gifts, the Coffee morning and the counselling sessions – they have all made me feel welcome and as though I am not alone. Plus, it’s really nice meeting other sisters and their families.”