Last year I was arrested and taken away from my family. After my incarceration I was released on bail, however I was on an electronic tag and had to sign in at a police station three times a week. I was also subject to extreme measures of financial sanctions.

I was left with no money after my release. Friends and family wanted to help, but were not able to due to the financial sanctions. With the help of my solicitors and HHUGS I managed to stay on my feet. Without them I would not know where I would be today.

They did an enormous job behind the scenes; whether it is financially or emotionally, or any other way. When something like this happens it is not only the adults who suffer, but also the children. It is a very emotional experience for them when their mum is taken away from them. It takes a very long time to get over. HHUGS was always there if I needed them. They offered counselling, they organised gifts and Eid parties for us as families as well as sport activities for the children.

HHUGS makes us feel that we are not forgotten during these testing times.

I would like to thank everyone from HHUGS, including all the volunteers who work extremely hard. May Allah reward you all for the good and hard work and accept our prayers and du’a this Ramadan.