HHUGS does not in any way support or condone any form of  terrorism. HHUGS exists solely to provide help and support to the families of persons who have been detained by the authorities in relation to anti-terror legislation – one notable example being the family of Shaker Aamer whose case the Daily Mail highlighted and campaigned for.  

HHUGS has been supporting Shaker's family for over a decade. At HHUGS we try to fill the hole in their lives by providing the emotional, practical and financial support they need to continue life. Our support has included regular counselling sessions to help his wife Zinneera deal with the significant impact of her husband’s detention on her mental health. We step in to provide monthly shopping vouchers, educational support, tuition fees for the children and driving lessons. We have provided relief and solace in the form of coffee mornings, Iftars and Eid parties, and recreational activities for the children.

While HHUGS does not  support convicted prisoners,  their families are amongst our beneficiaries.  In this respect, the work of HHUGS is no different from that of several other charities  such as Barnados, Action for Prisoners Families, and FAST  who recognise that innocent children and  vulnerable parents  should not be stigmatised with collective guilt. We oppose the Daily Mail's efforts to victimise and criminalise innocent children.

Due to beneficiary confidentiality we are not at liberty to disclose full details of support to any beneficiary however we can confirm that  HHUGS has never provided any support to Abdul-Majed Abdul Bary. Our support to his family does not stem from his activities but on account of the lengthy detention of his father Adel Bary.  The postcard in relation to Adel Bary was produced in 2010 at a time when Mr Bary was detained without charge – and notably not at a time when Mr Abdul Majed Abdul Bary was in Syria! – and has not since been reprinted. As we had clarified to the Daily Mail in writing prior to publication, the postcards should not have been utilised at the stall due to their outdated information; that this was an  oversight on our part is underlined by the fact that even the contact address for HHUGS printed on the postcard has not been used for several years.

HHUGS attends events after giving full consideration to benefits to the charity in terms of promoting its work, recruiting volunteers or fundraising and weighing those against potential risks. Our  attendance at any event should not be interpreted as an endorsement of  the views of its speakers. With respect to the event in question, neither did HHUGS remotely participate in organising the event, 'campaign' at the event or distribute materials to the audience as the Daily Mail claims.

With respect to the article about Munir Farooqi that also expressed certain views about Osama Bin Laden (there was only one article), this was not written by HHUGS but reposted from another website by the previous management. The views expressed in the article are not within our remit and should not have been posted on the website. We had removed the article from our website prior to the Daily Mail contacting us in relation to it.

It is disappointing that the Daily Mail has sought to create a sensational story over administrative errors despite the clarifications being provided to the reporters. Such  irresponsible  reporting  could have an adverse risk on the reputation of the charity and not only impact our donor support but, ultimately, cause further distress to the hundreds of innocent women and children who depend on our support.