The Prophet (saw) was asked,“What deeds are loved most by Allah?”,
He said: “The most regular constant deeds, even though they may be few.”

Every week, we spend £2.50 with little thought.

But for the cost of a coffee

Or a sandwich for lunch

Or the Sunday paper

You can make a difference.

HHUGS currently have only 4 months non-zakah funds remaining. Without your support, we won’t be able to sustain our current operations, let alone extend our existing provisions to  new beneficiaries who need our help.

The stark reality is that without your support, we may cease to operate.

Just £2.50 a week can help to keep HHUGS alive, so that we can continue supporting defenceless families within our own communities.

Monthly donations are the lifeblood of any charity – our regular donor being the heart that pumps to keep a charity alive.

A monthly donation can help HHUGS to provide food vouchers for most our most vulnerable families. It can help to keep the roof over a family’s head. It can help to keep the heating on in a cold home.

Your monthly support can bring a smile to children growing up without their fathers. It can relieve the hardship of mothers struggling alone to make ends meet. It can restore hope in homes where their currently is none.

Your regular giving means HHUGS can:

  • Provide immediate and direct relief for some of the most isolated families within the UK.
  • Allow us to develop and sustain new programmes to empower our beneficiaries, providing practical and emotional support.

If we didn’t have HHUGS in our life to help, not just financially, even emotionally, we would have been forgotten by the Ummah.
We don’t have a family but HHUGS fills that big gap

To overcome our current crisis, we need just 1000 generous hearts beating in support of HHUGS,giving just £2.50 a week to keep the heart of HHUGS alive.

You can set up a monthly donation here

Or Call 0207 733 2104


We want you to share the happiness and share the love!
So get your family, friends and community involved too!
And for every level of standing orders you sign up,
we’ll send you a special token of our appreciation!

Bronze:  Sign up 5 people to give £2.50 a week and get a tote goody bag.

Silver:  10 people to give £2.50 a week and get a HHUGS T-Shirt

Gold:  25 people to give £2.50 a week and get a HHUGS hoodie plus a complimentary ticket to an event of your choosing.

Platinum:  50 people to give £2.50 a week and get a complimentary ticket  to all events in 2018.