In December, the HHUGS team planned to venture to the North West of Wales, to take part in the Zipwire Challenge. However due to adverse weather conditions, the team had to postpone the event. The stormy weather did not deter one brave participant, as he journeyed to Penrhyn Quarry, determined to take on the challenge, perservering through the turbulent weather. And once he did reach his destination, he faced the challenge itself, ascending to heights over 500 feet, with these bitter conditions, to fly across the air at over 100mph. Many would have turned back, given up before the journey started, let alone once they reached the top of the quarry, views of Anglesey in the distance. But this did not discourage him, he felt spurred on by the fact that he had faced similar conditions to that of HHUGS beneficiaries.

“I did the HHUGS Zipwire Challenge in order to raise money for Muslims like myself who may be in the same situation I was in a while back, with loved ones being incarcerated, which had a major impact on us as we may be embarrassed to talk about it out of fear of being shunned or frowned upon by our communities.

Having signed up only 2 days before the original planned date, there may have been concern on how well the fundraising could go, however he received an overwhelming response.

“My experience with raising the money was great Alhamdulillah as people were very supportive and most could relate to the struggles me and my family faced during that period of our lives and they were very generous with their donations, as i literally only had planned to do the challenge less then 48 hours before attending.


Taking on the longest zipwire in the world and the fastest in Europe might be daunting to some, but for this brother, he couldn't be more excited.

“It was a great experience and hands down the best thing I’ve been able to do for a great charity like HHUGS.  

Having completed the challenge and exceeded his target, he urged others to get involved.

“So please support either with  further donations  or even by signing up to do the  challenge yourself  and there is an immense reward in it for those to take part and also donate whatever they can afford. No charity given is too small or big.”