“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world”  –  Eduardo Galeano

On December 9th  2017, at our emergency fundraising dinner, A  Night to Save HHUGS, , many people came forward and pledged to raise funds to ensure that the vital work of HHUGS could continue. On this night, one pledge was particularly inspiring – that of 11 year old Idris.  Where many adults did not raise their hands that evening, Idris, moved by the plight of HHUGS families, in particular the struggle of the children chose to stand up and make a difference.

“The loneliness of a child without a parent is very hard, especially when the parent has been taken away. I put myself in their shoes and realised how blessed I am to come home to my parents every day. I could never be able to imagine how to cope in their circumstances.

“HHUGS is a charity that helps families under financial stress due to unforeseen circumstances. To support their work and to support the less fortunate children across the UK, I have taken on the challenge to do a 10 mile bike  ride.”

So the plan was set. On March 30th, Idris would embark on his 10 mile journey. Over the three months since the dinner, he trained, and raised awareness, sending out messages to family and friends to support him in his challenge. He wrote:

“HHUGS has been a beacon of light to over a hundred families who struggle to survive in such circumstances. The monies raised will go towards these children who don’t have parents to support them with things such as:


“These are all things that us fortunate children take for granted.

“Please donate generously to this cause to reach my target of £500. Thank you for supporting me in helping the children that have nothing. ”

On March 31st, as is typical of bank holiday weekends in the UK, the weather was horrendous. But this did not deter Idris. He started in Gants Hill, East London, and rode to Jummah at Gants Hill Mosque. Thereafter, he cycled all the way up to Wanstead, up and down the bike track, where his siblings waited to congratulate him in the rain and cold!

Despite the terrible conditions, Idris persisted with his challenge and to his surprise, was able to exceed his initial target of £500. He was successful because he driven by the importance of the cause for which he was fundraising. Young Idris’ example should serve as an inspiration to all involved with HHUGS.

To support Idris’ efforts, you can donate to his  fundraising page here.

Inspired to take up your own challenge? Take a look at our  Fundraising Toolkit  for ideas of how you can make a difference, or sign up for one of our challenge events this Summer.