East London Mosque run a 5KM charity run annually and work in partnership with charities all over the UK to raise some much needed funds for great causes. Each charity have up to 20 runners that raise funds for their chosen charity who they run for. The run is a great opportunities for family and friends to join in together. You will be running (or walking) through the stunning Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets with amazing views of Regents Canal. The oldest was 89 years old so far!

HHUGS will be running and raising funds again this year which makes this our fourth year participating!  HHUGS are the only charity in the UK that support families that have been impacted by anti-terror and counter terror legislation’s. Majority of the affected are women and children. Running for HHUGS and fundraising will go towards helping these families, most of which are forgotten by our community.

Here is what one of our regular runners had to say:

I have been taking part in the Muslim charity run for HHUGS since 2015, making this the fourth year. I have been taking part because the families that HHUGS support are some of the most neglected within our community. For many of these families, HHUGS are the only organisation they can turn to. So I hope that by running, not only will I be able to raise much needed funds for HHUGS, but that it will remind these families that they haven’t been forgotten by this community.


On another note, it is also a fun day out with many different charities all there for a good cause. I took my mum with me last year and everyone treated her nicely. And I now have an annual tradition of going to the Museum of Childhood after which I will continue this year.


The actual run is a fun challenge which I am never ready for, especially this year, but I still look forward to it. I would encourage anyone who can to take part as this year not only do HHUGS want to be there, we want to come first, and I know I won’t be able to do it.

– Daniel

So why not join in the run and fundraise for a unique cause?


To register for the Muslim Charity Run please click here.