I have always been keen supporting those in need. Though I am not a long distant runner, it is a challenge I like to take upon myself. As well as benefiting myself by taking part in the run, I would be benefiting myself in the Akhirah by gaining rewards for helping those in need. I am of those who love to help and love to take part in activities and adventures.

Preparation often is difficult with time often spent at work and with family & friends, however, with planning, I am able to train for the run in the early hours of the morning before I go to work considering I live near Victoria Park and work is very close to home.

After my initial run 3 years ago, I registered again last year, however was unable to make the run for personal reasons. I hope to take part again this year and ensure the challenge of beating my previous time is met and more importantly money is raised to support the needy.

The run is highly recommended, as it is a short run, it can be completed with plenty of leisure time left. Next year I plan to register my nephew who will be 3 years old by then.

– Shaju

To run for HHUGS at the Muslim Charity Run or to read more about this event please click here.