Winter is here. While some people grumble about the cold, and others catch a bout of the winter blues, Muslims across the world rejoice. Here’s why.

Why Winter is the Best Season for the Believer

The clocks have gone back, the trees are bare, and fallen leaves paint the icy ground. That can only mean one thing: winter has truly set in. While some people grumble about the cold, and others fall into a serious bout of winter blues or even depression, Muslims across the world rejoice.

Winter is the best season for the believer – and here’s why.

We can fast more than ever

It seems like yesterday we were in the midst of Ramadhan, breaking our fast at 9.30pm. But in winter, Maghrib moves into the early afternoon, making fasting easier than ever. The days are extremely short, so we won’t feel the lack of food or drink like we did in the summer.

The Prophet (saw) said: ‘Fasting in the winter is the easy prize.’ (Ahmad)

It’s the perfect time to make up any fasts from Ramadhan, and you can use this opportunity to fast Mondays and Thursdays, or the three white days of the (Islamic) month (13th, 14th, and 15th). Without much effort, you can perform an act of worship that guarantees Allah (swt) will accept your dua.

‘Three supplications will not be rejected, the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveller.’Prophet Muhammad (saw) (at-Tirmidhi)

There’s more time to pray Qiyam

In winter, the nights are longer, so you’ve got more time to pray the night prayer. With Fajr starting so late, it’s easier to catch the last third of the night.

The Prophet (saw) told us: The Lord descends every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the night remains and says: “Who will call upon Me, that I may answer Him? Who will ask of Me, that I may give him? Who will seek My forgiveness, that I may forgive him?”’ (Bukhari)

Try to wake up fifteen minutes before Fajr starts, so you can have a quiet moment with Allah (swt) before your day starts. There’s nothing like praying in the still of the night, knowing that Allah (swt) has invited you to be in His company while the rest of the world sleeps.

The Prophet (saw) said: ‘The best prayer after the obligatory prayers is the night prayer.’ (Muslim)

You can seek reward through helping the poor

By feeding, clothing, and providing extra support to people in poverty, you can seek the reward of protecting them from the effects of the cold.

During his time as Caliph, Umar (ra) was concerned about how the harsh winter weather might affect the Muslims, so he gave them some advice:

‘Indeed winter has appeared, and it is an enemy, so prepare for it with wool, khuffs and socks; and take wool as your outer and inner garment, because the cold is a fast-moving enemy and slow to leave the body.’

Just like Umar (ra) we should be concerned about how people in poverty are going to stay warm this winter. The UK has one of the highest winter death rates in Europe. Every year, 25,000 people are thought to die from the cold.

Help Our Families Survive the Cold

At HHUGS, our annual winter campaign provides extra support for our beneficiary families. Families who are already struggling to manage throughout the year, find it hard to stay warm in the cold weather. They rely on your donations to help cover the costs of extra duvets and blankets, winter clothing for their children, and increased heating bills.

One of the mothers we support says: ‘In Winter, HHUGS send us vouchers for clothing and duvets to keep us warm. Allah knows the difference that they made to my life.’

It’s already extremely cold, and winter hasn’t even peaked yet. If you’re ready to take action and support our families through this harsh winter, you can help in three ways.

  1. Donate to keep families warm

Our winter packages give you the option of choosing exactly how you’ll support our families. Choose from the options below then go to our website to make your donation.

£30 provides a child with winter clothes to keep them warm.

£40 gives families the extra blankets they need to get through chilly nights.

£300 covers the cost of one family’s heating bills throughout winter.

£500 pays for one family’s rent and saves them from being evicted.

According to Hadrat Abu Said al-Khudhri (Radiyallahu Anhu), the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “…if a believer clothes another believer when he is unclothed, then Allah will clothe him with green garments of Paradise.”

Donate now at

  1. Join our Winter Walk

Join us in London, Manchester, or Bradford for our Annual Winter Walk, where we’ll be walking five miles for warmer homes. It’ll be a great day out for the family, and it’s a brilliant way to get your children thinking about how they can help others.

To get involved, all you have to do is register and fundraise.

Sign up today at

  1. Fundraise for our Winter Challenge

If walking isn’t for you, join our winter challenge and fundraise £3.33 every day for three months. The money you raise will pay the heating bills for one of our beneficiary families, helping them survive the winter.

The great thing about this challenge is you can do it whenever you want, from wherever you are in the world. You could do a sponsored challenge, like living on cold food for a week, or you could ask 30 friends to get involved and donate £10 each.

With a bit of creativity and determination, you’ll reach your target in no time! And if you need any help, we’ll be there to offer our support.

For more ideas about how to raise funds or Join our challenge visit

They’re relying on you

Last year, your donations provided 105 children with warm winter clothes, covered the heating bills of 55 families, and saved 15 single mothers and their children from being evicted.

Make this winter a season of good deeds, worship, and charity by giving generously to our winter campaign.

Our families are relying on you.

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