Sacrifice what you love this DHul HIjjah, for a great reward!

Could you sacrifice your guilty pleasures so that a family in need can have access to basic necessities? Sign up to the HHUGS challenge and follow the footsteps of Ibrahim by giving up something you love during the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. It could be caffeine, sugar, junk food or maybe even social media! Raise funds through sponsorship, as you tackle your nafs, and give relief to a HHUGS family this Eid ul Adha

Sacrifice what you love this DHul HIjjah, for a great reward!

Every Dhul Hijjah we commemorate the sacrifice made by the beloved of Allah, Ibrahim (as) – ready to give what he loved most for Him, the ultimate route to attain piety and His love.

Knowing the importance of this concept, the Companions of the Prophet (saw) would actively look to give away that which they loved in charity. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar used to give away sweets in charity saying, ‘I am aware of Allah’s saying; “You shall not attain piety until you spend out of that which is beloved to you” [3: 92] and Allah knows that I love sweets.’

In this spirit, in the best days of the year – days greater in virtue than the days of Ramadhan –  we challenge you to sacrifice what you love and give it up for HHUGS!

Whether you want to go veggie, sugar free or tech free for 10 days, you can raise just £10 a day to help hundreds of vulnerable women and children, living in our midst in the UK.

I want to give it up for HHUGS now!

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Create your fundraising page on JustGiving, MuslimGiving or Total Giving! Or if you’re too busy or need help, we can create one for you.
  3. We’ll send you everything you need to get started: our fundraising toolkit, template fundraising messages for you to send out, and images and videos to support your fundraising drive.
  4. Ask your friends and family to help you raise £100 in these 10 days. That’s just £10 a day. If you’re really ambitious or fundraising savvy, you may want to aim for £100 a day, with a whopping total of £1000!
  5. Share pictures with us of your daily challenge!  Remember to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you do.

The HHUGS team will be with you every step of the way.


1. What is the challenge?

Give up something for HHUGS whether it be caffeine, sugar, junk food or social media for 10 days and get people to sponsor you to do this.


We make the page, you promote it, and sit back and witness the generosity of this ummah at its best. It’s as simple as that.

2. What if I do not want to give anything up but just want to fundraise?

If you want to simply fundraise then that is great! Just let us know and we will help you fundraise without giving anything up.

3. What’s in it for me?

On every day, charity is due on each of our joints.  That’s an even greater priority for us in the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. In Dhul Hijjah we are in a time that the Prophet (saw) said  “There is no deed that is better before Allaah or more greatly rewarded than a good deed done in the (first) ten days of al-Adha.”


Raising funds for charity and other good deeds are not for Ramadhan alone.

You may not have huge sums of money to give, but this challenge provides a golden opportunity for any individual to make a difference – whether you’re blessed with disposable income or otherwise.

What’s more, you’ll be rewarded for whatever your friends donate, without decreasing in their reward in the least.


“Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who practices that good action.” [Bukhari].


Your small but persistent efforts will not only be counted as good deeds but it will also help us to restore hope and dignity to over 170 households impacted by the detention of a loved one – and all in the blessed ten days of Dhul Hijjah.

4. How can I raise the money?

£100 may seem daunting at first, but it’s really as simple as getting 10 friends donating £10, or 20 friends to give £5. When you’re giving something up that they know you love, we’re sure they would love to sponsor you for giving it up.

If that seems a piece of cake, you can set your heights on £1000 – that’s 20 friends donating £50.

The simplest method is to set up a fundraising page to collect your funds, or to make it that much easier, we can do that for you!  We‘ll even create a text giving code so that your friends and family can donate effortlessly via SMS. We’re on hand to support and encourage you at every stage, and if you’re not a confident wordsmith, we can provide template messages for you to share if you’re short of ideas.  Remember to use all means at your disposal to share your page – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and SMS. Some even made videos to encourage people, and got their parents and children to compete with them in the process! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fundraiser, this method is tried and tested.

If you’re not so social media savvy and prefer more traditional methods, the good thing is, there are so many ways to raise funds and Muslims are usually at their most generous during this holy month! So, this challenge is going to be easy. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for a complete A-Z of unique fundraising ideas, simple steps to fundraising success, how to stay safe and more!  You can also simply request a penny box by calling 0207 733 2104 or emailing [email protected]

5. What if I don’t reach my target?

We’re confident with a bit of effort and with the help of Allah, you’ll easily raise whatever amount you set yourself. We know from past experience, despite their initial self-doubt, our supporters have achieved great feats and surpassed their expectations.


When you purify your intention, tie your camel by making the effort, say Bismillah and make du’a that Allah blesses your efforts – have hope and trust in Him and you’ll surpass your target in no time.


“Whoever intends to perform a good deed but does not do it, Allah will record it as a complete good deed.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

If you’ve tried your best and ultimately don’t reach your target, then all is far from lost – you’ll be rewarded for whatever you do manage to raise and more than that, rewarded for your intentions in the best time of the year to give charity! So aim high, you won’t be disappointed! You’ve got nothing to lose!

Now, before you start planting your path to Jannah, be sure to spread the word and lead others towards goodness.

I want to sacrifice what I love – how do I get involved?

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