Ahmed’s father is in prison, and all his schoolmates know it.

Every day, he suffers the trauma of living through a police raid, watching his father being taken away in handcuffs, and witnessing his mother become a shell of the person she once was.

He’s noticed how people stop talking when he walks into a room, and how his friends aren’t allowed to visit his house anymore.

On top of all of this, when Ahmed goes to school he’s bullied by children who are too young to understand the severity of his hardship. He does everything he can to avoid being the centre of attention – but, this year, he might be.

His mother, the new breadwinner of the family, can’t afford to pay for his school uniform and equipment. The other children will notice when Ahmed comes in with a blazer that’s too short, and they’ll roll their eyes when, once again, he’s the only child in class whose bag is falling apart.

Instead of being excited about a new year and a fresh start, Ahmed is waiting for the bullying to begin.

In orderto thrive in school, he needs urgent financial support. And with your help, HHUGS is going to give it to him.

Help a HHUGS Child Stand Tall on the First Day of Term

Every year, HHUGS lifts the burden off a single mother by covering the cost of their child’s school uniform, stationary and school trips.  

Many of our families are forced to choose between putting food on the table and buying new school uniforms, but our Back to School support ensures they can do both.

With your help, we were able to provide this same support to our beneficiary families last year. As a direct result, HHUGS mothers and children reported feeling like their dignity had been restored, and that their worry and stress had been reduced.

83% said your Back to School gifts assisted them financially, kept them out of debt and improved their quality of life.

With the new academic year approaching, we need you to donate to our Back to School project, so we can make sure Ahmed, and children like him, can stand tall on their first day of term.

  1. Gift a child like Ahmed a new school uniform

The average cost of a uniform for state run secondary schools in the UK ranges between £250-£300 every year.

For our single-parent families who worry about how they’re going to feed their children, spending such a huge amount of their income on a uniform is unthinkable. And as their children grow out of their shirts and trousers, their financial struggle becomes more apparent.

Though desperate to fit in, these children face bullying, isolation and narrowing academic opportunities, because poverty prevents them from being able to participate fully in school.

But with HHUGS’ support, children like Ahmed can stop worrying about their appearance and focus on learning instead.

“Alhamdulillah l was able to buy all the correct uniform, shoes, PE kit, and stationery. The support from HHUGS took all the burden off my shoulders. My daughter is happy and her confidence in her school work has improved.”- HHUGS Beneficiary Mother

When you cover the cost of a uniform, you can help further the education and future of a HHUGS child.

“Whoever clothes [a believer] will be clothed from the green silks of Paradise.” – Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (At-Tirmidhi)


  • Gift a child like Ahmed essential school stationery

Since their home lives have been turned upside down, school is often the only source of stability for HHUGS children. They desperately need their school life to offer some semblance of normalcy so they can have a chance at healing.

But HHUGS children face barriers to education because they can’t afford school supplies like stationary, revision guides and textbooks.  

Research shows that most young people in the UK who don’t have the school equipment they need cite cost as the reason. This has a detrimental effect on their education because they simply can’t study.

But by sponsoring the education of a HHUGS child, you can give them the chance to succeed in school.

“Alhamdulillah for the Back to School campaign! I was able to buy my daughter’s schoolbag, trainers, shirts, shoes and other stuff such as a pencil case and stationary. My family’s quality of life is much better since HHUGS has been supporting us. It’s lifted the worries and stress off my mind. Allah bless them. Ameen.” – HHUGS Beneficiary Mother

Gift a child the school equipment they need, so they can be a confident student again.


  • Gift a child like Ahmed the chance to attend a school trip

HHUGS children have lived through trauma that most adults will never see or understand. From a young age, they have to behave much older than they are, so spending time with children their own age in a fun, social setting is important for their mental and emotional wellbeing.  

School trips provide the perfect opportunity for this, but due to financial constraints, our beneficiaries usually can’t take part.

As a result, the children are socially excluded, while single mothers are left feeling guilty and upset that their children are missing out.

“I have never been able to send my daughters on school trips. My youngest son has a three-day residential trip for history. It is essential that he attends it, as it is part of his course, but I cannot afford it. I strongly believe that children should have a chance to go on trips as it contributes to their development. This support you are giving is absolutely brilliant and I cannot thank you enough! Your services are amazing and you are such kind-hearted people. I will always remember you in my du’as.” – HHUGS Beneficiary Mother

Studies show that when students miss out on school trips, their education is affected, as well as their ability to make friends with classmates.

Give a HHUGS child the chance to attend a school trip, so they can access the same opportunities as their peers and begin to heal from their past.


Hundreds of families who have been affected by UK counter-terror laws are depending on your support.

Make a lasting impact on vulnerable children by donating to our Back to School programme.