This Sunday, I’m doing the 5km Muslim Charity Run to raise funds for families who have been devastated by UK counter-terror laws.

It’s probably going to be more of a hobble than a run because sadly, I’ll be on crutches.

I’ve been planning to do this run for a year now, so I’ve decided that not even major surgery and the inability to walk is going to stop me.

You see, working with HHUGS has given me the gift of perspective. A few years ago, I might have felt sorry for myself. But now, after seeing the struggle HHUGS families endure day in and day out, I can be thankful that this trial is temporary.

And in the midst of my own test, my main concern is to help our families out of theirs.

Sponsor my run and help me raise £1000 for HHUGS

The money I raise will go towards providing food packs for families who are unable to feed themselves. It’ll provide warmth to children in the dead of winter, so they can avoid getting sick from the lack of heating in their homes. It’ll provide clothing for children whose parents can’t afford them, and it will cover the cost of rent for families who face eviction.

I could have chosen to do a partial walk, but I didn’t. I’m determined to do the full 5km on crutches because the families we support have no choice but to keep moving forward, despite their pain. So on Sunday, I’ll do the same.

I’m going to temporarily sacrifice my comfort so HHUGS families can put some of their worries behind them.

For too long, our beneficiary children have been crippled under the weight of adult problems. And with their husbands in prison, our beneficiary mothers are living with the pressure of being both mothers and fathers to their children.

The money we raise will give them space to breathe. It’ll give them the chance to think about something other than how they’ll be able to afford to live that month.

It will give them the chance to live in the present, instead of constantly being fearful about the future.

And this 5km run will teach me what it’s like to walk a difficult path alone, just like our beneficiaries do every day.

HHUGS is supporting more families than ever

If I want to get to the finishing line, I’ll have to push myself to the absolute limit. And if I’m being honest, I’m feeling nervous and intimated by the mammoth task ahead of me, but the idea of helping beneficiaries keeps me going.

HHUGS is supporting more families than ever before, which means we need to raise more funds than ever before.

Without your donation, single mothers and children will be left cold and hungry with no money for even the basic essentials that every human deserves.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbour to his side goes hungry.”

Sponsor my one-of-a-kind Muslim Charity Run and help us uplift families that are broken and living in despair.

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