Ramadhan 2020 is a testing time for many of us. With stress and uncertainty overtaking our lives, it’s easy to forget the hardship that our neighbours may be silently enduring unknown to us. And whilst we may take comfort in the company of our loved ones even when we’re isolating, enjoying more family time as we work from home, many don’t have that luxury.  For so many families affected by counter terror measures, the isolation and social distancing that they have been subjected to involuntarily, all year round for years, has now become stifling. Prison visits are now suspended, with no chance of families being reunited for even an hour.  Those with husbands and fathers detained abroad, or who are barred from entering the UK, can no longer travel to see them. Their financial worries are now relentless. Just getting though the days, weeks and months is a never ending struggle.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What is Donate a Day’s Wages day?

Every second Wednesday of May, people around the world get together to make a difference. As individuals we might underestimate what we can do, but by coming together, we can change lives.

And as this year, it falls in the best ten nights of Ramadhan, a night which could be Laylatul-Qadr! Your reward for donating a Day’s Wage could be like giving sadaqah for 30,295 nights – 83 years!

Some of us may be feeling the pinch at this time – perhaps you have been furloughed or find yourself struggling as you’re self employed.  But by sacrificing your earnings for one day and preferring others over yourself in times of hardship, you can enjoy an eternity of ease amongst the inhabitants of Paradise.

Ibrahim an-Nakha’I said that the Companions of the Right, the inhabitants of Paradise, are those who feed the hungry “on a day of severe hunger…” [90:14]  – “when food is not ample.”

And Ibn Abbas said of those who feed the needy {And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive…} [76:8] that they do so “despite the scarcity of food and their need for it.” In return, Allah promises such people protection on the Day we fear most, radiance, joy and eternal bliss:

“And will reward them for what they patiently endured [with] a garden [in Paradise] and silk [garments]…
 [And it will be said], “Indeed, this is for you a reward, and your effort has been appreciated.” (76: 12-26)

The Prophet (saw) said “The (best) charity (is) while you are… afraid of poverty.” (Bukhari) He (saw) loved that his deeds would be raised to Allah whilst he was fasting, and charity makes up for the shortcomings in our fasts, so what greater incentive could there be?

This May 13th, donate one day’s wage and change lives for the better in a night equal to a thousand months!

How you can make a difference today

  • Save the date in your diary – set a reminder on your phone.
  • If you need to work out your wages for the day, you can use our calculator:
  • Let people know, get friends, family, and work colleagues involved.
  • To donate your Day’s Wages you can do it in a variety of ways:

Donate Online

One Day Salary Donation

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By phone

0207 733 2104

Bank Transfer

You can donate by bank transfer directly to our account

Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account number: 00025194


You can donate via cheque or postal order.  Please make them payable to ‘HHUGS’ with the reference “DADW” and send to:

43 Berkeley Square,
4th Floor,