As the days of Eid pass, we pack away our decorations. Soon our gifts will gather dust, our Eid clothes will hang again within our cupboards, and our Eid treats have been devoured. We will not think again of Eid until it draws closer once again next year.

However, for many individuals the joy of Eid continues to fill homes, and smiles remain plastered on young faces.  That joy remains thanks to you.

This year, hundreds of families celebrated Eid joyously.  Your generous donations meant that they were gifted. Thanks to your support, HHUGS families were reminded that they had not been forgotten.  On the blessed day of Eid, children all over the UK were reminded that they matter; that they deserve to feel the joy of Eid, like every other child celebrating within the neighbourhood.

You may not have thought about the gift beyond your donation, or about the child who received it. However, on that day, the family that received surely thought about you.  Strangers who for the sake of Allah, in the midst of their hardship, gifted them with joy.

“I was having a really difficult day today, but Subhanallah, my doorbell rang and the delivery driver handed me a box filled with love, care and a reminder that I am not alone, Alhamdulillah. The work that you and the rest of the HHUGS team do can never be underestimated, Masha Allah. You bring smiles where there are tears and hope when there is sadness. I am so very grateful and I can’t wait to have some of the beautifully decorated cake inshallah. Thank you for making me smile.  Allah is (the) Most Merciful, Most Beneficent, Alhamdulillah. Jazak Allah Khair a thousand times.”

In the build-up to Eid, many of us spend more to make sure the day is extra special. We buy our loved ones’ gifts and gather to celebrate together. However, the build-up to Eid is not always filled with excitement; for single mothers in HHUGS households, it is a time of anxiety and worry. They are reminded of the absence of their husbands, and their inability to provide their children with the gifts they desire. Instead of looking forward to this day of celebration, they feel sadness and dread. Many spend Eid alone, without any family and friends, never receiving gifts from anyone else. Like you, they too want to make their children feel loved and special, however they are unable to.  

However, this Eid, single mothers could look forward to Eid. Your gifts meant that they were not burdened with the worry of disappointing their kids. Your gifts were the cause once more of making them feel special.

“I am so grateful… my kids get to receive a box of goodies. They love opening and it lights up their faces… especially because my family aren’t Muslims so my children crave the whole birthday party experience and Christmas, so this is great at reminding them of what we do and the magnitude of the great days.” 

This Eid, you had an impact on these households. Your generosity allowed these households to look forward to the blessed occasion of Eid.

In the words of one sister:

“May Allah reward you all for putting a smile on my face!”

We ask Allah to brighten the faces of all our donors who made this possible in this life and the next, Ameen.