For many of us, our safe space is our home, surrounded noise and warmth. A place where we sit with our thermostat turned up, our bellies filled and conversation flowing. Imagine having this safe space destroyed. Your family separated from you, your home lost and not having enough to fill your stomach.

For some, this is the reality. From the words of a beneficiary, read his account of how alongside his pregnant wife, were outcast from their community, unable to work, only being able to afford a cold basement with no bed.  Delve into how he came across HHUGS, how your support and donations turned his life around, and gave him a support network to make him feel as though he mattered again.

“I heard about HHUGS many years back. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t realise the benefit HHUGS provides. They’re not only a beacon of hope for the countless families and individuals across the UK, but are also a blessing of support. If it were not for them, then many people would have suffered in silence and in isolation, like myself.
“I hesitated to contact HHUGS for help, but someone persuaded me that I should seek their support. Alhamdulillah, from not being able to work, exiled out of my own town and not having any support, Allah blessed me with these brothers and sisters to aide at a time when I had nothing.
“For me, HHUGS became a family when I had none. By Allah, and He Subhanahu wa ta‘ala is my witness, had it not been for HHUGS, then I can honestly say I would have struggled in deep isolation.
“Words cannot express the gratitude to Allah, first and foremost, and then to HHUGS, for the innumerable counts of help I’ve received. Not once did they make me feel I had to wait or feel neglected.
“There is much I can relay of the goodness through HHUGS but when my wife became pregnant, and all I could afford was a cold basement studio with no heating and no bed, and the property needed much work, HHUGS, within a day, provided a bed and help along with other things. This helped us in ways I cannot express through words.”

This account is just one of many whom are supported by HHUGS; single mothers, orphaned children and fathers trying to find their feet after their release, all of whom are grateful for HHUGS. None of this could be possible without your generosity.

As we sit within the comfort of our safe spaces, look around and reflect for a moment on the prospect of losing it all.

It is a thought far too troubling to comprehend.  By the Mercy of our Creator, we are unable to count our blessings.  Warm beds, warm food and warm hearts are blessings we have grown accustomed to, not for one moment, acknowledging that these are essentials many are deprived of this Winter.

Whilst we are still able to, let us help those who are struggling to keep their homes and feed and clothe their children.  Fill your heart with gratitude for what He has blessed you with, and help others who are less fortunate.

Give WARM HHUGS and Rewrite their Winter’s Tale.