HHUGS embrace families torn apart by counter-terror measures in the UK and often overlooked by the rest of the community. In these shattered homes, children face poverty, isolation and fear without their fathers.

For every arrest and detention, a home has been raided and ravaged and a family has suffered the loss of a loved one, a bread winner, a dear husband. a much loved son. These are homes where life will never be the same.

For many of these families, ordinary daily tasks become increasingly difficult as they struggle to make ends meet and maintain physical contact with their loved ones, often imprisoned hundreds of miles away. Moreover, due to the nature of the crimes for which their loved ones are accused, these families find themselves ostracised and marginalised from both the religious and ethnic communities that they belong to as well as the wider society. They are lonely, vulnerable, and desperate for help.

Following the arrest of their husbands, women are often left as single mothers overnight. With bank accounts frozen, benefits capped or withheld, they can struggle to feed their children.

Now imagine how much increased financial uncertainty a pandemic brings to a household already struggling. Families have been pushed to the brink with the deepest depression in the UK for 300 years, sparked by the pandemic. Two-fifths of people in the UK affected by fuel poverty had to choose between heating and eating, or were forced to cut back on food or skip meals.

Our beneficiaries have felt the weight of this financial burden drawn out for the past year. Some are reeling under the weight of crippling debt. For those in work, many suffered further with reduced hours, or were made redundant altogether.

“After paying rent, I’m left with nothing. I don’t know when I’ve been shopping last. I would show you my kitchen cupboard now but I’m embarrassed. I have to remind myself, ‘stop eating now because you don’t have anything for tomorrow.'”

HHUGS provide financial, practical and emotional support to aid women, children and elderly parents through this devastating time. Your donations can alleviate families forgotten by the community.

  • £10 can delight a child on Eid
  • £50 can heal a sister suffering from trauma
  • £100 pays for a family’s utility bills for a month
  • £250 feeds a family for a month
  • £500 shelters a family at risk of homelessness for a month
  • £1000 empowers a sister to become more independent and self sufficient through educational and vocational courses and training
  • £2000 alleviates families burdened by debts

Your donations can restore hope, relieve hardship and rebuild shattered lives.

“I was finally speaking to someone who genuinely cared about what I was going through and wasn’t afraid to talk to me. They sent me supermarket vouchers immediately which was such a relief because I could finally buy food for me and my baby.”

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