The past year has been an unprecedented one. It has been a year of immense loss and grief for many. For others, it has been challenging, isolating and a year of yearning to be reunited with loved ones. For all of us, it remains a reminder that He Has Power and Dominion over all matters, and that He is the Best of Planners.

More than ever, we long for the days of Ramadhan to be upon us and embrace us again with His Mercy. We long for the nights where our wearied souls and broken hearts can find comfort and solace with Him – our only true and ultimate source of joy and relief. As we have been constantly reminded of the transient and fragile nature of this worldly life, we find comfort in remembering that the Love of our Lord that we so desperately seek, is guaranteed for those who perform acts for His Sake alone and for those who serve His Servants, hoping to attain His Pleasure.

In these days of uncertainty where separation has become the norm, HHUGS has compiled this small but beneficial booklet, “30 Hadith: For His Sake” as a gift for our supporters as we enter Ramadhan. It comprises of Prophetic narrations on actions of the limbs and heart performed for His Sake, reminding us of the importance and virtue of coming together as a community.

We pray that we are able to embroider the tapestry of our lives with these beautiful deeds until they become habitual; and that they are the cause for our reunion with those we love on pulpits of light in the next life.

O Allah, we ask for Your Love, and the love of those who love You, and the love of all deeds that draw us closer to Your Love, Ameen.

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