Help us reach our target to provide new uniforms so children can stand tall on their first day

£1,828 raised of £6000 target

The trauma of a father arrested and in prison; the deep sadness of a family broken and ostracised; the pain of bullying from the previous school year: these are the horrors a HHUGS child will be tackling inside of him, on that dreaded first day. Adding to it all might be the shame of wearing an ill-fitting school uniform and old shoes that are hard to walk in –signs of poverty that will mark him out for further torment from his peers.

In the UK, the average cost of uniforms for state run schools, range between £250-£300 per year. Research shows that nearly 800,000 children attend school in ill-fitting uniforms, because parents simply can’t afford to buy new ones. A troublingly high number of children from the country’s poorest families have reported bullying, because they are frequently embarrassed as a result of not being able to afford key elements of school. Some suffer the humiliation of being sent home for wearing ‘incorrect’ clothing.

With the odds stacked against him in this way, a HHUGS child doesn’t stand a chance at a better start to the new school year. Though desperate to fit in and feel some semblance of normalcy, he faces isolation and narrowing academic opportunities as a result of being unable to participate fully in school. But a new uniform and a smart pair of kicks could mean the difference between standing tall in front of his peers or shying from everyone with embarrassment. Can you hold his hand on that first day?

When their children outgrow shoes or school attire, single mothers with their husbands in prison, struggle greatly. Theirs are households where the hard choice between food on the table or heating in the winter is a daily reality. Crushed under debts and unable to afford the most basic needs, buying school uniforms for their children becomes a cause of anxiety, as it means spending up to two thirds of their household income, or borrowing more money to do so. Can you help alleviate his burdens?

"Any Muslim who gives a Muslim a garment to wear will be in Allah's safe keeping as long as a shred of it remains on him." (Ahmad)

Whether nervous or excited, every child reacts differently to getting back to school, and most will need a hand to hold on that first day. But what about the child with no father to hold his hand and with such great fears, weighing on his little heart? He will need all the encouragement and support he can get to gain confidence at a time that can be stressful even for the most privileged children.

Please help him stand tall on that first day of term