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Provide uniforms and school supplies so HHUGS children get the best start to the school year.

The trauma of a father arrested and in prison. The anguish of a family broken and ostracised. The painful memories of bullying from the previous school year. These are the invisible horrors Ahmad will carry inside of him, on that dreaded first day. Adding to it all might be the shame of wearing an ill-fitting school uniform and old shoes that are hard to walk in. Such noticeable signs of poverty surely mark Ahmad out for further ridicule… unless you can help.

The average cost of a secondary uniform for state-run schools range from £260 to £338 per year. Research shows that a worryingly high number of children from the UK’s poorest families have reported bullying, as a result of not being able to afford basic school essentials. Some even suffer the humiliation of being sent home for wearing ‘incorrect’ attire. For families wrestling with uncertain finances and the weight of debts following a year of living under the pandemic, costly school necessities fast become another burden they cannot afford.

With the odds stacked against them, HHUGS children like Ahmad don’t stand a chance at a better start to the new school year. Though desperate to fit in, they face social exclusion and narrowing academic opportunities, because poverty prevents them from being able to participate fully in school.

For children like Ahmad, a new uniform and a smart pair of kicks could mean the difference between standing tall in front of their peers and shying from everyone with embarrassment.

Can you help switch the odds for Ahmad and other children like him, on the first day of term?

“Whoever clothes (a believer) will be clothed from the green silks of Paradise.” (at-Tirmidhi)

Every single one of the HHUGS families who received Back to School support in the past 2 years said it restored their dignity and reduced their worry and stress. A further 83% of these families expressed Back to School gifts helped them financially, and enabled them to stay out of debt.

HHUGS children come from single parent households where the hard choice between food on the table or heating in the winter is a daily reality. When they outgrow shoes or school attire, their mothers struggle to afford new ones. Buying a uniform can mean spending up to two thirds of their household income in August, or borrowing money to do so. A school uniform therefore becomes a source of anxiety for single mothers crushed under debts, and children who dread starting the new term in last year’s clothes.
Can you help?

"Alhamdulillah l was able to buy all the correct uniform, shoes, PE kit, and stationery. The support from HHUGS took all the burden off my shoulders. My daughter is happy and her confidence in her school work has improved. Alhamdulillah."


For children desperate to move on from the trauma that devastated their home, school can be the first step to a better life. But financial constraints prevent single mothers from buying the school supplies necessary for their studies. Research shows that most youngstudents, who did not have all the books and equipment needed for their studies, suggested that cost was to blame. A lack of books, revision guides and stationery significantly impacted their ability to study.

"Alhamdulillah for the Back 2 School campaign! I was able to buy my daughter's schoolbag, trainers, shirts, shoes and other stuff such as pencil case and stationery. My family's quality of life is much better since HHUGS has been supporting us. It's lifted the worries and stress off my mind. Allah bless them. Ameen"


“Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve his hardship on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever helps ease one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the Hereafter…” (Muslim)

With no father to hold his hand and such great fears weighing on his little heart, Ahmad will need all the prayers, support and confidence he can get. Please help him stand tall on that first day of term.

"…Be merciful with the orphan, pat his head and feed him from what you eat. This will soften your heart, and enable you to get what you need." –(at-Tabarani)

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