Idris's 1000 Laps for HHUGS

As-sallamu alykum!

I'm sure you will all agree there is no greater gift we can leave behind than a child who seeks to help others and be a source of ease for them.

We gave our son the name Idris because of the want of Prophet Idris to collect as much reward as possible. So this Ramadan, my five year old Idris, will be running for Hhugs.
Those of you who know me know what Hhugs means to me. The name says it all. Helping Households Under Great Stress.

Due to the current situation, the running will take place in our garden. How much running can one do in their garden, you might ask? Well I've measured!
The grassed area in our garden is just under 15metres long.
Idris will, by the permission of Allah, run 1000 times up and down over Ramadan!!
That works out to a 5 year old child running just under 9.5miles subhanAllah!

The reasons for this are simple.
To raise as much money as possible for children like Idris who don't have the same standard of life as everyone else and to set him up for the rest of his life knowing that he hit his target at such a young age so inshaAllah he continues to push himself to aiding others and trying to be like the Prophet we named him after.

To do this he will need your help. I know his aunties and his uncles will be behind him so please, please help him hit his target of £1000 inshaAllah. When you donate, please leave msgs of support so we can read them to him.

Brothers and sisters, an old man set out to raise £1000 for the NHS and look what he has managed to achieve. I don't expect the millions he has raised but I hope you will help a little boy achieve something great..

JazakAllah khair!
Last donation was 1yr 6mos ago
Alhamdulillah well done Idris! Super running! May you continue to help others and may Allah bless you and your parents with eternal joy and success. Ameen