Support Tahir's Race to Jannah

Help me be a solace and hope for families torn apart this Ramadhan as part of HHUGS annual Race for Jannah challenge.

The Race to Jannah is back again! The believers are pumped and ready, the competition is about to be in full swing. No hard slog, no need to work up a sweat, no physical exertion involved, it couldn’t be easier. So, wake up and grab this opportunity to secure a mountain of good deeds by supporting my challenge!

What is the challenge?

I'm one of 100 winners aiming to raise £1,000 or £100 each this Ramadhan as part of the very first gaming leaderboard to be created by any charity! By supporting my page, you can be part of something new, fun, unique and rewarding!

This year, we'll spend a Ramadhan like no other. The doors of the mosques may be closed but the doors of sadaqah remain open!

No need to relax your social distancing or come out of isolation! This Ramadhan, give today, help me reach my target - you can save lives whilst staying home and staying safe.

The Prophet (saw) said: “Whoever draws near to Allah during it (Ramadhan) with a single characteristic from the characteristics of (voluntary) goodness, he is like whoever performs an obligatory act in other times. And whoever performs an obligatory act during it, he is like whoever performed seventy obligatory acts in other times.” (Ibn Khuzaymah)

You might be struggling with the lockdown this year but it's easy to forget that many families in our midst live like this all year round. You can make a difference to families for whom social distancing and isolation is a norm.

This Ramadhan, children in over 200 shattered homes in the UK will face poverty, isolation and fear without their fathers. They provide financial, practical and emotional support to aid family members through this devastating time. The social isolation and pressures which these struggling families face throughout the year are felt all the more intensely during Ramadhan, a time of community and unity.

When Ramadhan is a time to nurture spirituality, many single mothers can’t focus on much else but their overwhelming financial burdens. And in the wake of COVID-19, with shops inflating their prices, families struggle to feed their children and spiral deeper into debt amidst the panic and hoarding.

Imagine transforming a month of pain and isolation to one of relief and compassion.

You don’t have to simply imagine. By donating to my page you can turn a child’s anxious tears into infectious smiles.

With your support, they can experience the delight of Eid through new clothes and gifts to mark the occasion. You can restore dignity to vulnerable families and allow them to truly feel the mercy of Ramadhan and find dignity, being sheltered and protected from hunger. Single mothers can be empowered with important knowledge and skills to support their household. Elderly parents, in the twilight of their lives, can find comfort in the companionship of our community.

You can lift a family out of the darkness of despair and isolation into the light of hope and mercy.

The beauty of the Race to Jannah is that it can be done wherever you are in the world, whatever hour of the day you chose, from the comfort of your own home. Forget having to arrange child care, cancelling another commitment, this is as simple as it could possibly be.

On every day, charity is due on each of our joints. That’s an even greater priority for us in Ramadhan, the month in which we’re desperate for His Mercy, desperate to be freed from the Fire, and at our most eager to follow the Prophet (saw) in his generous spirit.

Whilst we strive our best to fast the long days in the Summer heat, we inevitably fall short, but charity helps to patch up these shortcomings.

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