Help me raise £100 for HHUGS in 10 days!

Talha Ahsan
£200 raised of £200 target
❤In the run up to Eid, I am raising money for a charity that is very close to me.

😿During my time in prison without trial in the UK and solitary confinement at a death row prison in the US, HHUGS cared for my family.

😀With your donations, HHUGS can help other families like mine who experience the distress of having a loved one behind bars.

🐣They mentor children of prisoners to ensure a wholesome development when many can go astray.

🧸HHUGS assisted my elderly parents with prison visits in the UK and my brother's flight to visit me in the US.

🕋To honour the legacy of Abraham in these days of Hajj, and our mother Hajar, and the pilgrims, those who could attend and those like me who couldn't, make the most of these virtuous days and donate to this amazing charity.

🎈My dear friend who volunteers at the charity asked me personally if I would like to join in this year. As I have never done something like this before I have set myself the suggested minimum target of £100.

🎤If I reach my target, I will give a live online performance from my collection of prison poetry which won the Koester award in the week of my extradition.
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Saqib Ahmad
£70.00 + £17.50 GiftAid
Keep up the good work
£10.00 + £2.50 GiftAid
Dear Talha,
Thank you for your friendship and special kind of wisdom, love and fire for justice. Your everyday speech is poetry but I can't wait to hear you read your poems. Good luck & Be well!
£20.00 + £5.00 GiftAid
Well done on continuing to support the wonderful work of HHUGS!
I really appreciate you doing this! God bless♥
£100.00 + £25.00 GiftAid
God grant you prosperity, peace and success♥