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Paid Recorded Access: Sisters’ Istiqama Summit: Remaining Steadfast After Ramadhan

Women can now purchase paid access for 7 Days to watch the recordings of this event.

Join us for the Sisters’ Istiqama Summit: Remaining Steadfast After Ramadhan: a unique online gathering for women, with practical and transformative guidance on how to hold firm now that Ramadhan is over. Nurture the seeds you planted during that blessed month so they grow strong and stand tall for the whole year round.


Hosted by Sadia Sajid

Though we eagerly await it every year, Ramadhan always seems to slip by in a flash. Once Eid is over, the decorations come down, the festivities are wrapped up, and we wonder how our beloved guest has left us so quickly.  The tranquility we felt in the month of Qur’an and Mercy fades into the hustle and bustle of the worldly life. But the end of Ramadhan does not have to mean an end of all the progress we have made. Before old habits creep back in and the pressures of day to day life take over, pause for a moment and regain control.

The way you worked on yourself and your relationship with Allah in that blessed month can and will continue. You renewed your faith and sacrificed your body’s need for food and sleep in Ramadhan, but you still need these next 11 months too. You can reap the fruits of all your efforts in Ramadhan by continuing your steady, sure progress all year round.

HHUGS have brought together a host of inspirational sisters to give clear, uplifting and practical guidance on how to become a better, stronger and more committed believer in a world filled with chaos and doubt. Whether it’s the inward work one must to do, turning deeds into habits, or transforming every facet of your life into worship, this event promises to show us how to remain spiritually connected, despite life’s responsibilities and pressures.

In the midst of the uncertainty and anxiety of the pandemic, our Sisters Summit will give you the tools to hold firm, the opportunity to connect, the inspiration to continue to strive and the framework for strong and sincere spiritual growth. Invest in yourself and join us for this unmissable event – sign up today.


– 1 Registration allows you to access the webinar from one device.


6th July 2020
15th July 2020


Ustadha Zohra Sarwari
Ustadha Youssra Kamel Kandil
Ustadha Umm Jamaal ud Din
Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla
Ustadha Umm Talha
Ustadha Ibtihal Bsis