This Ramadhan
Be Their Solace And Hope

£431,495 raised of £600,000 target

Imagine a Ramadhan
with Baba taken
In the shock of a dawn raid
Imagine a Ramadhan
scraping by on bare essentials
No iftar parties
and elaborate feasts made

Imagine it didn’t take
a pandemic to show
The pain of community isolation
you already know
Imagine being ‘that family’
left broken by a storm
For whom ‘social distancing’
was already a norm

Imagine being at breaking point
when Covid 19
Will ensure your desperation
will be left unseen
Imagine a Ramadhan
as your first outside your cell
Shunned, cut-off and isolated, you dwell

Imagine a Ramadhan
where playground taunts and fists
Now continue online for
“those dirty terrorists”
Imagine as a mother,
you try to ignore
Young voices pleading
for any Eid gifts in store

Imagine an elderly father,
Where a pandemic casts doubt
Will he live to visit his beloved son?
Will he survive, constantly going without?

Imagine as a wife,
left penniless as nobody knows
Ramadhan still means unpaid bills,
eviction notices and financial woes

Imagine a Ramadhan
where the crescent moon up high
Can’t pierce the darkness
of this abandoned household’s cry

Now imagine again…
a Ramadhan which brought
Relief to a broken family
through community support
Imagine a Ramadhan
where her heart can heal
As she gifted by her neighbours
an Iftar meal

Imagine a Ramadhan
for an uncle sent a volunteer
Grateful for errands run,
needs met and a listening ear
Imagine a Ramadhan
where he can actually stand proud
That newly released prisoner
and the fresh start he’s finally allowed

Imagine a Ramadhan
where the single mum can prepare a real Eid
Joy, children’s bursting hearts
and souls to feed
Imagine a Ramadhan
which won’t be forgotten ever
As we united to show
what can be achieved together

. . . . . . . . .

This Ramadhan will be like no other. Being in the midst of an unexpected pandemic, the taraweeh prayers, iftar gatherings and community events will be absent. But this level of social isolation from the community is something many families already face throughout the year, whether in a pandemic or otherwise. For HHUGS families, this month of uncountable blessings is also a time of increased worry and anxiety for so many, right on our doorstep.

“There was no taste of it, no Ramadhan
or Eid, we didn’t feel anything.”

HHUGS supports families torn apart by counter-terror measures. This Ramadhan, children in over 245 shattered homes in the UK will face poverty, isolation and fear without their fathers. We provide financial, practical and emotional support to aid family members through this devastating time. The social isolation and pressures which these struggling families face throughout the year are felt all the more intensely during Ramadhan, a time of community and unity.

When Ramadhan is a time to nurture spirituality, many single mothers can’t focus on much else but their overwhelming financial burdens. And in the wake of COVID-19, with shops inflating their prices, families struggle to feed their children and spiral deeper into debt amidst the panic and hoarding.

When Ramadhan and Eid are times for families to reconnect, many children with fathers in prison will be deprived of these moments of togetherness. When Ramadhan is a time to focus on the inward, many vulnerable families will be at breaking point, desperately trying to cope with the anxiety, dread and pain of an uncertain future.

The reality, however, does not have to be this way.

Imagine transforming a month of pain and isolation to one of relief and compassion.

You don’t have to simply imagine. Your support can turn a child’s anxious tears into infectious smiles.

With your support, they can experience the delight of Eid through new clothes and gifts to mark the occasion. You can restore dignity to vulnerable families and allow them to truly feel the mercy of Ramadhan and find dignity, being sheltered and protected from hunger. Single mothers can be empowered with important knowledge and skills to support their household. Elderly parents, in the twilight of their lives, can find comfort in the companionship of our community.

You can lift a family out of the darkness of despair and isolation into the light of hope and mercy.


Overwhelming financial difficulties often mean the basics of running a household are not met. Reeling under the weight of crippling debt, women are often left as single mothers overnight with bank accounts frozen, benefits withheld or delayed. Now imagine how much increased financial uncertainty a pandemic brings to a household already struggling. Our food vouchers which will enable families to purchase staple essentials of meat, poultry, tinned foods, oil, rice, pasta, ensure little ones are well-fed and nourished. Donate to give a family a certain meal to look forward to once iftar time arrives every evening, and share in the reward of feeding a fasting family.

“HHUGS has made such a big difference to my financial situation. The shopping vouchers they provide me (with) meant I saved money to pay for other expenses such as water, gas and electricity bills. They also sent me meat packs during Ramadhan.”



Families of prisoners are more than twice as likely to suffer mental health problems. From the terror of raids and arrests, as well as being cast into sudden poverty, isolation and bullying takes a huge toll on emotional wellbeing. Children of prisoners often suffer lasting psychological trauma, while mothers struggle with anxiety under the emotional and financial burden of caring for a family alone. With family and friends often abandoning them and the media harassing at their doorstep, professional and culturally sensitive support services can help individuals find the tools they need to process and heal from these life-altering trials. And now we find women and children who have been left scarred by the cumulative trauma of raids and detention are now grappling with debilitating anxiety and the additional uncertainty that the COVID-19 has brought. Existing mental health issues are exacerbated by long periods of social isolation, concern for vulnerable family members and anxiety about the future.

“HHUGS provided us with 24 hour emotional support when times got really difficult. My wife received counselling from a wonderful sister who did everything possible to make it easy for her. This helped her regain her focus, preventing her from falling into depression. I cannot thank HHUGS enough for the help and support they have given – the list of things they have done for us is endless!”


Cover the cost of rent, basic utilities and repairs for families who face homelessness or exposure

Following an arrest, many families of prisoners have their assets confiscated. Left without the means to pay the rent, they face eviction and harassment from bailiffs. Often they haven’t even the means to fix a front door smashed in a raid. Exposed to the elements, they are forced to live without basic security in their own homes. You can provide the means to ensure they are safe and protected within their own four walls this Ramadhan.

"They helped me with rent payments, without which we would be homeless.”



Gift presents to children who have forgotten the joy of Eid

Not being able to gather with friends means children need to feel the spirit of Eid right inside their homes. New clothes, gifts and the joy of celebrating together –these are the things all children look forward to at the end of Ramadhan. But things are different for children of prisoners. Their households can be places where food is scarce, gifts are rare and many are forced to go without adequate, let alone new clothes for Eid.

“On Eid they sent us a box of gifts which had little presents and Surayah was so happy, I cannot express what her happiness did for me. She was asking, ‘Who is HHUGS?’ and I said, ‘they are our helpers in Islam.’”


In addition to the trauma they are forced to live with, children of prisoners are also bullied and ostracised. These vulnerable youth often succumb to mental-health problems and even turn to truancy or self-harm in the absence of social support. With two out of three boys with a convicted parent becoming offenders themselves, children of prisoners are more than three times as likely to commit anti-social or delinquent behaviour. A dedicated and sensitive mentor will mean a child is supported through the absence of their father and shown productive and fruitful paths ahead.

“Yusuf used to stay in his room alone all day, but HHUGS, they paid attention to him, taking him on Islamic conferences and retreats. […] His approach to things became different, he would know right from wrong and he became a positive healthy young man. He changed his attitude towards me from hostility to kindness and he began helping me look after our family. […] I couldn’t have imagined that they would have such an impact on him. I believe I would never have been able to help Yusuf in the same way.”



Hindered by financial hardship and social isolation, the wives of prisoners struggle to provide for their children. Many face the additional challenge of language constraints as well as a lack of basic skills and work experience. Without community support for childcare and funding for education, they’re unable to improve their situation. Your support would help to empower a single mother to gain independence through education and vocational training so she is able to stand on her own two feet for her family’s needs.

"The driving instructor course will mean I’m working on a self-employed basis […] I can pay off my debts, support the children's education, just live a reasonable life without having to ask people. […] It’s good for my children to see that their mum is going to work and providing for the family. I don’t want them to grow up with the mentality that you can sit at home and everything will come to you."



Following the arrest of their husbands, wives of prisoners are left to pick up the pieces on their own. With assets confiscated and benefits frozen, they quickly accumulate rent arrears and unpaid bills. In some cases they inherit the debts of their husbands. With limited financial resources, these become near impossible for them to pay off.

“I had so much debt when I contacted HHUGS but they helped me pay off my rent arrears, my water bill and my council tax arrears, which lifted a huge burden off my shoulders."

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many families are increasingly spiralling into debt, struggling to keep up with their rent and basic utilities, exacerbating their anxiety.



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