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Warm a broken home,
embrace a broken heart.
Rewrite their Winter's Tale

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As temperatures dip with the harsh onset of Winter, uncertainty remains. The pandemic which rocked the best part of 2020 is resurging, leaving vulnerable families with little hope of relief as their challenges intensify. For mothers widowed and children orphaned by detention in our community a chilling Winter’s Tale is about to unfold.

A Winter's Tale

If the walls of her house could speak

It would paint a picture so very bleak
Of a single mother and her broken home
Gas bills mounting, freezing house, all alone

The stares towards her family are almost as cold

As the piercing icy winds this season does hold

If the elderly uncle could overcome the shame

“His son’s a terrorist,” point the fingers of blame
He would tell how prison trips are so hard this season,
His failing health obeys no rhyme or reason

Alone, his longing grows nearly as dark

As the long Winter nights and the melancholy they spark

If her daughter’s outgrown coat could speak,

Perhaps its voice would be muted and meek
Knowing it cannot keep her small body warm
Playground bullies mock her clothing, old and torn

Children living as orphans face chilling ridicule

Adding to endless torment already at school

If the plates on the dinner table could plead

Perhaps they would ask for a few morsels more to feed
That shivering family forced to heat or eat
As bills rise, they cannot make ends meet

If your book of deeds were thrown open today

Perhaps there'd be warm deeds to display
For you thawed the frozen hope of a desperate family
And embraced them with a light of humanity

Protect a broken family from the cold, wind and hail

Your warm embrace can rewrite this Winter’s Tale

Every 7 minutes one person will die this Winter. Many HHUGS families affected by detention and counter-terror measures, are amongst the 2.4 million in the UK experiencing ‘fuel poverty’.

With living costs and unemployment rising, families face the hard choice to make the decision whether to ‘heat or eat’. Burdened by debts and threatened with eviction, single mothers, with their husbands behind bars, struggle to provide adequate clothing and blankets for their children to protect them from its chill.

Winter hits the most vulnerable hardest. The UK has the second worst rate of excess winter deaths in Europe, with over 175,000 recorded in the past five years, with many succumbing to preventable illnesses.

But Winter doesn’t just impair the mobility of the elderly and exacerbate physical illness. With the looming threat of another lockdown, ‘invisible’ conditions like depression, anxiety and loneliness make the long dark nights and grey freezing days even harder to contend with.

Without your support, we cannot protect single mothers, clothe children growing up without fathers, and warm the hearts and hearths of elderly parents isolated from their communities this winter.

During these days of worry and despair, families need a helping hand. You can be that light of mercy, radiating hope for a family to survive a merciless season.

“Taking care of the poor in the winter and protecting them from the cold is a great deed.”
[Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali]

In Numbers: The
chilling figures on
a bleak season

in England cannot afford to keep their homes warm this winter, even though 50% of those are in work.

also negatively affects how children perform at school and their emotional well-being.

in the UK say they live mainly in one room to save money.

wore a coat, scarf or hat indoors to keep warm rather than turning on their heating.

who form a third of the homes living in fuel poverty are twice as likely to be at risk of bronchitis and asthma, making them more vulnerable to COVID-19, and four times more at risk of developing multiple mental health problems.

affected by fuel poverty had to choose between heating and eating, forced to cut back on food or skip meals and, left their oven door open after cooking

in Europe for the number of people who struggle to pay their energy bills.

to the NHS in England is estimated to be around £1.36 billion per year

Embrace the broken hearted in their broken homes this winter. Rewrite their Winter’s Tale, give Warm HHUGS.

Fuel poverty forces many HHUGS families to cut back on heating, even in the height of winter and at the risk of their health. By contributing £30 towards an oil radiator, fan heater or convector, we can help them stave off the winter colds without running a huge gas bill.

“I have to put the heating on, and the cost is too high so sometimes I turn it off as I know I cannot afford it.”

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Barely able to afford heating in the day, many families will go without during the night, putting themselves at risk of sickness. For the elderly, exposure to the extreme cold in this way, can lead to death. But just £40 can provide a family with winter duvets and blankets to keep them protected from the night’s bitter chill.

"In Winter, they send us vouchers for clothing and send us duvets to keep us warm. Allah knows the difference that HHUGS made to my life."

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Come Winter, many HHUGS families are forced to cut back on food or clothing in order to be able to turn the heating on for a while in their homes. With just £60 we can provide clothing vouchers that will allow a single mother to buy her children coats, jumpers and other seasonal essentials to keep them warm.

“I have borrowed extra money from someone to help get coats, socks, gloves, hats for my children. I have no money to pay him back.”

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With a father or son in prison, most HHUGS families are shunned by their communities. This is hardest on the mothers who are left feeling cut off and abandoned and the elderly, who feel cut off with little in the form of company and friendship. Come winter, these feelings are exacerbated. You can ensure these mothers and parents are given relief with the sincere and constant comfort of friendship, through phone support. Somebody to talk to, to seek solace in and to reach out to. Help build a strong network of support by connecting people together during a difficult and isolating season.

‘‘Everyday somebody from HHUGS rings to ask me, ‘how am I? How am I doing today? ‘I can’t go to my family, because they don’t like the Muslim thing my son went into. My mum doesn’t speak to me. Where I need the support, I don’t get it. I don’t, I’m lonely, I always say to my family, if it wasn’t for the Muslim people I wouldn’t be anywhere because I’ve had nothing from the family as such. HHUGS is like a loving mother whose love reaches out to people. HHUGS is my mum, my grandmother and I am truly grateful for them.

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With their limited budget failing to cover the high cost of utility bills, many HHUGS families are faced with the hard choice between buying food or heating their homes. By contributing £300 towards their gas and electric bill this winter, we can help them get through the cold months without having to cut back on food or other essential needs.

“You know, it’s been cold this winter. I’ve been putting the gas on quite a lot because my door’s still broken; there’s a big gaping gap so a lot of draught comes in, so this flat gets really, really cold. Thanks to the vouchers, I was like, ‘oh my God, I can put £20, £30 on the gas!' -so it was helping."

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With their assets confiscated and benefits frozen, some families of prisoners are unable to pay the rent. Facing eviction in these harsh Winter months is a terrifying thing. But with £500 we can help a family pay their rent for the month and ensure they aren’t left to sleep rough this winter.

"They helped me with rent payments, without which we would be homeless. I had so much debt when I contacted HHUGS but they helped me pay off my rent arrears, my water bill and my council tax arrears, which lifted a huge burden off my shoulders."

"I didn’t have money for food. My health began to deteriorate. The situation became unbearable. The gas company, the electric company started to threaten me that they would cut off their services. I had no money to give to them. Nearly every day someone used to knock the door and of course, I was too scared to open the door for anyone. My mother and I would both be shaking. I wouldn’t be able to move in fear that someone would see me.”

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Be there for those desperately searching for warmth this Winter.

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