Yvonne Ridley is a British journalist, war correspondent and Respect Party activist best known for her capture by the Taliban and subsequent conversion to Islam after release, her outspoken opposition to Zionism, and her criticism of Western media portrayals of the War on Terror. Ridley has worked for Press TV, the Iranian-funded English language news channel, and is a director of the TV production company First Witness Ltd., based in Soho, London.

“The needs of families of those political prisoners swept up in the War on Terror are often forgotten and neglected by their communities. Losing a breadwinner without warning can be a devastating blow but it's not just financial help which is given. Often Hhugs volunteers help organise prison runs and support to those families left isolated and alone. Sometimes just being there to listen is all that's needed. It's hard to put a price on a cup of tea and a friendly face but Hhugs offers a support network which no other agency does.”
Yvonne Ridley, Broadcast Journalist, Press TV