Fundraising web sites such as Just Giving provide a straight forward way of collecting donations from all over the world. All you have to do is personalise it any way you want, choose the option to fundraise on behalf of HHUGS and spread the word to everyone you know. Send your page’s web link via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You could even get it printed onto a t-shirt that you wear when carrying out a challenge for us or if you’re into creating YouTube videos you can add the link at the end.

Social Media

Transform your ability for interacting with interesting people online into maintaining and developing HHUGS’ Facebook and Twitter networks, opening up dialogue and communicating our messages in an impactful way at the right time. This voluntary role demands care and good insight into HHUGS’ campaigning and social media policy, which will be provided. Hours are also flexible.


Using Your Free Texts

One of the most direct methods of raising funds and creating awareness is through direct contact with potential donors and like-minded people.  If you’re reading this then you’re either one of the two and this method will likely find success with you.

Simple write your own text letting your contacts know about HHUGS and our work. Add our personal text code “xxxx”, send it out to everyone you know and get them to do the same. In a matter of hours, thousands of people will read your text and can use our Text Donation Service to make an instant difference to households under great stress. Don’t believe us? Try it now!


Flyer Distribution

You love going out with your friends? You can talk easily to people? Then we need to hear about you! Send us your details as [email protected]and we will send you HHUGS leaflets for every new campaign!


Social Media/Marketing Extraordinaire, Artist

Are tweeting, “liking” and sharing photos/videos a standard part of your day? Use that love for connecting with the world to boost HHUGS’ online presence by sharing what we’re about and add a “hashtag hug” while you’re at it!  You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, just be sure to retweet, favourite and share our posts to help spread the word.

We also distribute monthly email newsletters to thousands of subscribers to tell them what we are doing and what we hope to achieve. By signing up to our mailing list and forwarding it on to friends, families and colleagues you would be effortlessly expanding HHUGS’ network.

HHUGS is also looking to grow our current portfolio of graphic designers, copywriters, translators, photographers, media professionals and more to support our marketing efforts and reach thousands more. Build your own portfolio even if you’re a student and increase your chances of getting the work you love.


Street crew

Take part in a very simple yet effective way of getting HHUGS’ message across by flashing your brilliant smile and handing out our promotional leaflets and newsletters at all sorts of locations such as:

–          Your school, college or university

–          Outside local events

–          After Friday prayers outside a mosque

–          Out on the high street

–          Delivered straight to households

You could even grab a bunch of your friends to work with you and share the reward of helping HHUGS to assist families who need all the assistance they can get.

If you believe in the work we are doing would like to join our dedicated volunteer’s team, please fill out the volunteer’s form here and we will be in touch!