“Alhamdulillah HHUGS is great great organization it helps the family and children, from society they’re cut off, its reward for the people who support families like that, it’s a great organization to support. Without HHUGS I would be alone, isolated, have nobody to speak to, my support worker who helps from hhugs, she asks if I need anything, Alhamdulillah one time when I went to see my son she actually came to my house and gave my other children food. Second time I went she actually phoned me asked if we needed any food. She would actually come to the hotel I was at to give me hot food, if she wasn’t there it would be hard, you need somebody there like that to support you and your life is better, if nobody is supporting and your isolated you’ll have depression and be upset all the time. You can ask advice and speak to her about what’s on your mind and you feel comfort.”

(Umm Salamah)