As part our of transport scheme, we facilitate prison visits. One of the most traumatic and gruelling experiences that our families endure is visiting their loved one in incarceration. Not only do they have to worry about transportation, child minding and food and drink for the day, but they also witness their loved one in an alien, hostile and restricted environment.   Entering a prison, undergoing fingerprinting, photographs, body searches and dog searches all contribute to the feeling of humiliation, causing many to feel as if they themselves have been convicted.

In an attempt to ease the strain of prison visits HHUGS strives to facilitate each visit, making it as smooth and easy as possible. We arrange for volunteers to collect the family from their doorstep and drive them to and from the prison. Saving energy and time, this allows the visit to become instantly easier. In circumstances where we are unable to obtain a driver, we cover the costs of a taxi or train fare. We make financial payments to meet expenses associated with visiting imprisoned family members such as childcare. We also provide others forms of practical support such as general transport, grocery shopping, childcare, domestic help, food rotas and anything that could help our families.

“HHUGS is always there to arrange for transport to see my husband in prison and tried to get him moved back to Long Lartin when he was in Newcastle and we were not able to visit him due to the poor health of my children and mother-in-law.” [Wife of a detainee]