There are many ways which you can support HHUGS and the families who need us the most right here in the UK.

A sister took the initiative to host an Iftar at her house to fundraise for HHUGS! Will you be the next?

Read Umm Zarah’s story:

This year I decided to join HHUGS Race to Jannah Challenge pledging £1k. At the time I didn’t how I would accomplish the goal, but tried to be positive and laid my trust that Allah would help me if I keep my intentions sincere.

I decided after a week into Ramadan that sending messages might get a bit repetitive, as I’d only raised £100, so I decided to hold a small Iftar at my house for HHUGS as this could add to my total.

I’d set the date but through unfortunate events my baby ended up in hospital so had to postpone. After spending 3 days in hospital and many follow up appointments that week I had to sit and talk myself into rescheduling the iftar as next week would be Eid.

I watched a couple of videos on families’ accounts of raids and the trauma they had been through. I knew then that I needed to do this and Allah would help things to come together. I asked a couple of friends if they would mind making a dish each for me to help so all the cooking wouldn’t be on me as I still had young children to tend to through day, as well as my poorly baby.

I charged £20 per ticket and sent an invite to around 20 sisters. Alhamdulillah, most attended. My daughter did a short recitation and one sister gave a brief reminder about the Night of Power. We had a small auction from items that had been donated locally by therapists (vouchers), cupcakes/cakes, pamper sets and much more.

Alhamdulillah, the evening was a great success by the permission of Allah. I nearly tripled my target of 1k. We all prayed in congregation and enjoyed the delicious food. Alhamdulillah, by the 27th night I’d exceeded £3k, subhan’Allah. Surely Allah is indeed the best of Helpers.

HHUGS needs us to support them and doing a small Iftar at my house made me feel like I did my bit to support them!

“Inspired by Umm Zarah’s efforts? If you want to host your own Iftar this Dhul Hijjah register now or call us on 0207 733 2104 to get started”