We all know that there’s nothing better than a good old hearty breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s the most important meal of the day and when the weekend comes, a time for the family to get together.

So, why not add a little twist to your family breakfast or brunch? At HHUGS, we’re launching our breakfast campaign #BreakfastForHHUGS and we need your help! It’s easy, all you have to do is gather your friends and family and invite them over for a big breakfast to raise money for our HHUGS families. Charge an entry fee,leave moneyboxes around for donations, it’s totally up to you!


Our campaign will be ongoing, so you’re free to host a breakfast at any time that’s convenient. We will be hosting a HHUGS breakfast in London on the 28th April 2017. If you would like to attend, book online.


Anywhere you want! You can host one in your home, office, community centre, ISOC, mosque, local circle or even in the park. The world is your oyster.


In theory, the more appetising your breakfast is, the more people will be inclined to attend. Whether you choose to go Desi, Middle Eastern or stick with a nice fry up, your spread needs to be tasty!

How much?

Every penny counts and that’s why we’re leaving the fundraising target entirely in your court. No matter how big or small, every donation makes a huge difference. We don’t ask you to raise any set amount, it’s entirely up to you, so don’t worry if you don’t reach your personal target – everyone who strives in the way of Allah (swt) will be rewarded.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “If any Muslim feeds a Muslim when he is hungry, Allah will feed him with some of the fruits of Paradise;” [Abu Dawud]

Download our breakfast fundraising pack here and sign up below! We’ve got loads of ideas and breakfast recipes to help make your breakfast gathering a success!


  • Plan. As they say, if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail! Get all the logistics sorted well in advance: time, date, location, breakfast spread, invitations, entry fee (we recommend £10 pp)
  • Get kitted out. Make sure you have all the resources you need to encourage those precious donations on the day. You can get moneyboxes, donation forms, leaflets and video links to share – just give us a shout and we’ll send everything over. 0207 733 2104 or [email protected]
  • Invite your friends a week before to ensure everyone can make it!
  • Select some videos from our YoutTube Channel to play at your event so your attendees are informed of what HHUGS do and why you have chosen to support us.
  • Invite someone to speak about the virtues of charity orprepare a reminder yourself.
  •  Aim for each attendee to make a pledge or set up a standing order to HHUGS – it could be £2, £5, £10 or £20 a month, every penny counts!
  •  Spread the word. Remember to let everyone know about your event. Use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, or Snapchat to get the word out.
  • Start the domino effect. Take photos and share, share, share! Show everyone on your social media networks how easy it is and they will follow your lead. Remember to include the hashtag #b=BreakfastForHHUGS

Breakfast Spreads

  • The Desi Delight:a treat saved for Eid and lazy family gatherings – Chaney, Aloo Bajia, Halwa and Puris.
  • Sinful Indulgence:Aloo or Keema Paratha’s, luxurious yoghurt and Achar and a cup of Masala Chai.
  • Ahlan wa Sahlan:A Middle Eastern spread of falafel, fool, hummous, shakshuka and olives.
  • The Feast:A a gourmet breakfast including egg or avocado on toast, pancakes with berries or granola with fruit and yoghurt, banana bread or assorted wholemeal bread and bagels with a selection of toppings and fruit and berry salad.
  • The Crowd Pleaser: A a super easy continental breakfast including mini croissants or muffins, granola with yoghurt or wholemeal bread rolls or bagels with butter and jam, and a selection of fruit.
  • A Taste of the Mediterranean:A delectable Turkish spread of olives, tomatoes, eggs, Turkish bagels and halloumi, Pastirma Menemen, and Pogacas

How to pay in your donations

  • You can pay in your donations into our bank account with the reference: “Breakfast {Your Name}”


CAF Bank

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account number: 00025194

  • You can donate via cheque or postal order.  Please make them payable to ‘HHUGS’ and send to:


4th Floor,43 Berkeley Square,London,W1J 5FJ

Please include “Breakfast {Your name} as a reference on the reverse of your cheque.

  • You can pay it online here with the reference: “Breakfast {Your Name}”
  • You can email us on [email protected] regarding collecting cash donations and the return of penny boxes.