In celebration of Move Month, we’d like to introduce you to two of our team here at HHUGS. Our Fundraising and Marketing Officer and our Operations Director will be sharing their fitness journeys with us. Let’s explore their stories, motivations, and the connection they’ve discovered between staying active and their spirituality.

Finding Joy in Every Pedal

If you’ve been seeing our fantastic carousels on our socials, then you’ve got our Fundraising and Marketing Officer to thank for that. Outside of work, she enjoys bike riding, hiking, and exploring new experiences. Despite her busy life, she finds time to prioritise her physical well-being.

When asked about her active lifestyle, she explains that, while she may not always be as active as she’d like, she still manages to enjoy activities like bike riding, netball, and badminton. She’s also planning more regular hiking and skipping routines into her life.

She says: “I enjoy bike riding because it keeps me fit, and I genuinely love it. Staying active is about looking after my mind and body. It’s about my mental health and the sense of positivity and energy it brings into my life.”

For our Marketing and Fundraising Officer movement is more than just physical; it’s about nurturing her overall well-being. “Movement means taking care of the amanah that Allah has given us—our bodies. When I’m active, I feel more energetic, positive, and grateful.”

She emphasises the connection between keeping fit and spirituality. “When I exercise with the right intentions, for the sake of Allah, I consider it an act of worship. I’m taking care of the amanah given to me.”

She recommends keeping fit to others, highlighting the importance of nurturing the gift of our bodies and its positive impact on mental health and mood. Her parting advice: “Remember to have the right intentions when exercising, for the sake of Allah, and stay positive.”

Karen: Empowering Through Movement

Meet Karen, our Operations Director, who reverted to Islam eleven years ago. She’s got a unique blend of interests, from her love for cars and animals to her passion for fitness.

Karen’s fitness journey began eight years ago when she realised the importance of being strong and maintaining her health. She says: “I started exercising because I felt weak and out of breath. It was a wake-up call,”

Movement is very important to Karen. “It helps me keep my mental health intact. When I raise my heart rate, it wakes me up in the mornings, and the feeling of being strong keeps me going.”

Her journey includes Crossfit and joining in with Cycle Sisters, a cycling group. Karen shares how she loves how that there are such diverse ways to keep fit, which include walking, cycling, and even gardening. “You can keep fit in so many different ways.”

When asked about the connection between fitness and spirituality, Karen says: “Our bodies are an amanah from Allah. Staying fit is a way of honouring that trust.”

Karen encourages everyone to embrace an active lifestyle, “Sometimes, as women of faith, it can be daunting, but there are supportive communities waiting for you.”.

As we celebrate Move Month, our staff’s stories  remind us that movement is not just about physical health; it’s about nourishing the mind, body, and soul. It’s an act of worship, an expression of gratitude for the bodies entrusted to us. So, let’s embrace movement, knowing that it can empower us in countless ways, both physically and spiritually. ou can join them by signing up to our Move Month Challenge – our Sisters Combat Archery challenge on the 30th of September.