Even when he thought things had settled. Rustam’s past came to haunt him. When he was on his way to meet his mother, he was re-arrested…


His past caught up with him 

My family and I decided to travel to a nearby country to see my mother. I hadn’t seen my parents in over ten years, and my father had passed away. It was going to be difficult for my mother to come to the UK, that’s why we decided to meet in a different European country.

When we arrived in the country, there were some checks. They kept me there for over an hour to check and recheck all my documents but then they let me go, Alhamdulillah.

But then on the way back to the UK, they stopped me at passport control. They said I couldn’t travel and took me to a police station. They took pictures, and my fingerprints and put me in jail for a week.

They said I couldn’t go until I was checked further. I was scared because I was alone in jail and they said they were going to send me back to my home country. I was fearful as I couldn’t protect myself.

I honestly thought that if I went back there I would either be in jail for the rest of my life, or they were going to kill me. I was making du’a to Allah for help. Alhamdulillah I was let out after my wife got help from an organisation in the UK. They gave me back my documents and said I could go back to the UK.

The help from HHUGS

I was introduced to HHUGS by a lawyer who helped me as soon as I arrived in the UK. When I came here I had just a small bag, no money or valuable possessions, that I could use to support myself.

From the very beginning, HHUGS were there. Anytime that I needed support, I knew I could reach out to them. When you start again in another country, it’s a very scary time, and you feel alone. But HHUGS were there, 24/7.

They were like a light, and they would listen to me, and help me in any way they could. They helped both psychologically and physically.

Before I received permission to work, they helped me settle in the UK by supporting me with English classes. They also helped me get my documents in place and paid for my driving lessons. If I need any information or support, they are there.

They are always there for you 24 hours, helping, listening, and trying to do their best for you.

Without them, I’m not sure how I would have continued as they helped me with monthly rent, bills, and food vouchers. They also helped my children with their school uniforms and necessities for their education.

Even special occasions are made more special with HHUGS. My son is always very excited about the Eid parties. He always asks when we’re able to meet the other brothers and their kids again.

It’s a great time as we sit together, eat together and the children get to play. They make an extra effort to make sure the children have things to do such as tennis or football.

We’re also given cakes for Eid, and Qurbani. They send us meat every year.

They helped both me and my family. Wallahi I have never seen an organisation like this before, not anywhere in the world.

Jazakum Allahu khaira for those who work for HHUGS, and those who help and give donations. You’re giving your donations to people who are in difficult situations and need it. They’re doing all they can for Muslims in difficult situations. May Allah reward you all.

Rustam’s Story

Rustam was kept under a watchful eye because of the nature of his job. He experienced first-hand the hostility towards Muslims in his home town. Arrested and beaten so badly that he could barely move, he was forced to leave and start again. Quick Donate Single Donation Monthly regular Donation £ Zakat Interest Sadaqa Donate [...]