It’s an offence that makes people wary of you. You lose your job, family, friends and your work. But HHUGS steps in, trying to fill that void.’  


I remember my first phone call from HHUGS. . I was recovering from a procedure, and I insisted I was fine, but they said, ‘No let us help you, let’s get some forms filled out and support you.’  For those years, where my income was pretty much zero, the top-up did help.

I received food vouchers at the time. They helped during Winter, with blankets and heaters which I still have, and winter clothing. If I had a debt that I couldn’t pay for, then they would support me in that as well.

Even beyond financial assistance, HHUGS offers other types of support, such as inviting us to the Eid parties. Last year, we were fortunate to enjoy a trip to the London Zoo – experiences like these are truly uplifting. They help our healing process and allow us to switch off from difficult times.

It’s a reminder that you’re not struggling alone and that there are people who want to help you knowing who you are. You don’t have to be someone else or disguise yourself. You can be transparent about what you’ve gone through and not get judged. You feel accepted and supported.

Their help doesn’t stop there. They provide you with key workers who support you emotionally. We would meet up and she would come to my area to see me.

They recognized my struggle, and I never felt like the HHUGS team ever reprimanded or said, ‘You were wrong. They always say, ‘We’re here for you’ and that I shouldn’t hesitate to contact them when I need support. Even to this day, I can go back to HHUGS and ask them for support and they’re there. There will always be someone who will respond to me.

A father to a family 

It’s reassuring to know that a charity like HHUGS exists because their work is incredibly unique. HHUGS helps a community that is very restricted and frightened to ask for help.

The restrictions that are placed on them make it harder to find them. There are often court orders placed on people which makes it harder for them to reach out too. HHUGS enables them to receive support, without having to suffer any kind of consequence to themselves.

It’s a noble cause and people fail to understand the impact it has. When these individuals leave prison, it takes decades before they can better themselves. You need support and that’s when HHUGS steps in.

Their work is important because when you’ve been impacted by the War on Terror, on whatever scale, it makes people wary and frightened of you. They become uncertain of you as a person and it impacts families.

People lose their jobs and become isolated from family, friends, and the local community. HHUGS fill in that void, they make up for that loss. They are there for people who have lost their jobs, and their families, and the local community support. They fill in with financial, emotional, and physical support.

They provide you with the essentials to survive as a human, a Muslim and to alleviate the burden. Their support is essential especially when you don’t have anyone else. They are like a father to a family, and it’s hard to follow in those footsteps in a household. HHUGS tries its best to compensate; whether that’s food vouchers, winter clothing, trips, parties, or events.

They are a charity that I can guarantee will provide you with that area of support, and you will not be disappointed or turned away Insha’Allah.

You will not find a cause more noble than HHUGS and it’s an obligation for us as a Ummah, and a Muslim community to support our brothers and sisters and their families. It’s a duty that we must fulfil, to be compassionate and supportive.

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