You served Him by serving them this Winter 

As the days lengthen, and the promise of spring emerges, we find ourselves reflecting on the profound impact of your generosity throughout the colder months that have passed us by. As temperatures plummeted and the winds grew sharper, your support served as a beacon of warmth and hope for HHUGS families.

This winter you contributed generously to provide our families with essential support during the season. You sheltered, empowered, healed, fed, and clothed them. It didn’t stop there. Beyond contributing generously, you also raised awareness by fundraising and gave up your free time to join our Winter Walks.

“The winter campaign helps me massively each year and I honestly don’t know how I’d get through winter without the support. HHUGS always ensures we are comfortable and stress-free with bills and any necessities needed.” 

Even though we were met with frost on our windows, your kindness has thawed hearts and paved the path toward a brighter future. Your unwavering commitment to our cause allowed us to continue our vital work to isolated families. As inflation continues to rise, living with uncertainty during the colder season can be difficult. That’s why having a stranger helping you out when you need it most means the world.

“HHUGS has been helping us for such a long time and I cannot thank them enough. I appreciate everything they do for my family. 

Because of your generosity, HHUGS distributed £231,496 support to over 320 adults and children this Winter:

£23469 in fuel support for families in need.

£21755 providing families with vouchers for Winter clothing.

£145,218 to feed families during the Winter months.

£33,874 to shelter families throughout the Winter

£4913 to relieve their debts weighing heavily upon their shoulders.

£803 to protect families with winter duvets

£653 to provide families with heaters

£511 to maximise energy efficiency for homes by providing radiator reflectors

£300 providing families with draught excluders to protect their homes against the chill.

Something as simple enough as a warm blanket, or a warm meal may not feel life-changing, but don’t underestimate the ripple effect of each action you do. Each blanket distributed, warm meal served, and worry uplifted, is a testament to the profound difference your support has made. It’s the thought behind the act, the token it offers, and the good deeds that are recorded.

“They helped us buy important necessities such as blankets and electric heaters. Especially with everything now being so expensive because of inflation, I cannot thank them enough; they have eased my struggles.

When you provided Winter support to HHUGS families you seized the opportunity that was presented to you. A chance to earn reward, and to serve His Creation. Although we are helping others, we are also helping ourselves. We should count ourselves blessed enough to be presented with the chance whilst we’re able to still serve and grow closer to Him.

“Honestly, sometimes I think if Allah didn’t choose HHUGS to help me, my life would be hard and disappointing, especially in Winter, when bills are very high. I’m now relaxed in winter because I know Allah is there and His Creation will help me, Alhamdulillah.” 

Winter support doesn’t only cover what may seem obvious such as blankets or heating. We’re inviting you to get a deeper insight into how Winter encapsulates so much more. Your support provides relief to hardships our families face in the Winter season, ranging from debt to prison visits. These short testimonies show the transformative power of your support and paint a bigger picture of the day-to-day struggles of our families.

“Other than the winter support HHUGS helped me with funding for contact with my children which was appreciated.”

“The Winter season without HHUGS’ support would be scary for both my family and I. Winter is like a monster, damaging our health, especially as we live in a Victorian house where it’s very cold and there’s lots of dampness and mould. Because of their support, Alhamdulillah, we have a warm, safe home, and my children are less ill compared to before. Thank you, HHUGS!” 

Together, we have proven that even in the coldest of winters, and in the darkest of times for the Ummah, the warmth of human kindness knows no bounds.

Thank you for your unwavering support, your boundless compassion, and your steadfast commitment to making the lives of our families better. As we embark on the journey of Ramadhan ahead, let us continue to serve together, empowering and alleviating hardship, one person at a time.

May the Most Merciful bless and reward you for generously giving and fundraising for our Winter campaign. May your efforts be multiplied tenfold, and may He grant you abundant blessings in this life and the Hereafter. Shower you with His Mercy, and grant you and your loved ones, success. Ameen.