London Eid Party

It was all things bubbles at our London Eid Party on an April Saturday afternoon. It was an experience open to everyone – not only bubble enthusiasts (although there may have been a few among us).

We were joined by 60 adults and 31 children who explored every room and enjoyed every bubble minute. We wanted to share a unique experience that allowed families to spend quality time together, all whilst creating bubbling memories. 

“My children felt very happy and that was the main thing – seeing them enjoy themselves and try a new experience they wouldn’t usually get to..”

The experience was more than blowing bubbles. There was plenty to engage our families, such as the opportunity to jump into a giant ball pit, learn the science behind bubbles, and create your own bubble masterpiece. There was also a cheeky bubble-themed treat to end with!

Our Beneficiary Campaigns Coordinator talks more about the experience: “The activity itself was not what I expected at all – it was very entertaining and fun.

“I did not expect to see any of the adults enjoying themselves, especially the activities that were full of children, but seeing and hearing about how much they enjoyed it really put a smile on my face.

“Our Eid gatherings are all about ensuring that everyone has fun and leaves with a smile on their face, and this event did exactly that!”

The experience allowed children to revel in bubble madness, whilst transporting adults back to their own childhood which was beautiful to witness.

“I wanted to say JazakaAllahu Kheiran to the team for the beautiful outing. It took me to my good old days when I was young…”

For the attendees and for the staff, the experience was a heartfelt occasion. Even being able to provide our families a few hours of joy because of your generosity, amidst the struggles they face, is a huge blessing.

“The highlight of the event was hearing the lovely testimonial from a family after the event. Hearing from her how this gathering returned her to young ages and how she got involved even in the children’s activities.

“The gratefulness from her and her daughter reminded me of the sweetness of these social events. Knowing that whether the activities are open mainly for children, or for adults specifically, our families are always grateful and get involved and enjoy these outings regardless of what is planned. These moments are always so beautiful and at every event you feel this!”

A few hours of connection leaves a lasting impression. A moment to be like every other family, even though they’ve been through so much. An opportunity to come together and be carefree, as children should be.

“As a large family, we tend not to go out altogether as it is very costly, such (that it) adds to the stress. Having the opportunity to go out together and see other families that won’t be judgmental and without the stress of costs that are unaffordable, had a huge impact on the entire family’s well-being and much-needed opportunity to laugh and smile..”

The families come together, some heartbroken, some happy, but joining each other, knowing they’re in a safe space. When you’ve been isolated from others, being accepted is a huge gift.

“We had an amazing day, the first time we have had fun since my husband’s passing away, from anyone we knew, or being intrusive. We felt safe and free.”

As the bubbles continue to float and burst, we would like to thank you for making this happen. For a few hours, they felt safe, free, and happy. Those few hours have a lasting impact on them. 

As we approach Dhul Hijjah, and another Eid – there’s an opportunity to revive the hearts of other families. For every single child and adult that attends a party, that feels loved and happy, you will share in the reward.  Support our next Eid party here.