Our Midland and North Eid Gatherings

In Mental Health Week, it’s the ideal time to reflect on the value of human connection and the immense impact it can have on those experiencing intense isolation, acute anxiety, and debilitating depression.

Our Eid parties are a safe space for families to come and connect – free of judgment. It presents an opportunity for families to come and create lasting memories. That’s why the theme for both our North and Midlands Eid gatherings was FUN.

Our Midlands party took place in Twycross Zoo, where 46 women and children joined us to explore an award-winning zoo, with hundreds of amazing animals, outdoor play areas, a splash pad, and indoor soft play.

The Zoo wasn’t just a day out for the children, it was an opportunity for families to come together and bond. It also presented an opportunity to marvel at the different creations of Allah and their unique characteristics.

“Both of my children enjoyed it as did my parents, it was an amazing time for all of us to create memories and build a stronger relationship.”

For our families, such days out are a luxury, as it can be costly and it isn’t high on the list of priorities when essentials need to be met. That’s why days out provided by HHUGS by your generosity mean so much. It’s a gift that makes our families feel connected, rejuvenated, and special.

Alhamdulillah, it allowed us as a family to visit a destination which we could not have afforded, and enabled us to come out of the house and enjoy an experience with the children.”

Farah, a longstanding volunteer from Birmingham talks about her experience of Eid parties and their importance.

“The families love to meet each other, as it gives them comfort that they are not alone. Any meet-up is valuable for them.

“These events allow the families to feel like everybody else, those who can go out and enjoy themselves and be looked after for the day”

She talks about how just a few hours of being with others can have a huge impact.

“It’s a good opportunity for families to just have a good time and be away from the stress of life. Everyone needs that distraction and changed to recharge, especially those going through a difficult time. And for many of our families, the difficult time lasts a long time.”

She was present at Twycross Zoo and she was most excited by seeing the children and adults having a wonderful and relaxing time. She feels privileged to be able to be in a position where she’s present and volunteering at HHUGS events which are bringing joy to people.

“I feel it is so important to help others. Volunteering with HHUGS is a truly humbling experience as it makes me realise all the blessings I have been given and if I can alleviate even a little bit of their difficulty then that means so much to me.

“It’s an opportunity for me to get some reward and try to help those less fortunate. Sometimes, we don’t see those struggling in this country but there are many right in our doorstep.”

The day at the zoo was an overall success with families leaving feeling rejuvenated, excited, and with a few more animal facts.

The fun didn’t stop there for HHUGS families. We still had an Eid party to throw for our North households.  Our North party was held in a Lancashire Playland, where 77 women and children, joined us at an indoor soft play centre, with slides, climbing frames, ball pits, and other interactive features.

One attendee sums up the importance of such events beautifully.

 “Knowing that there is an organisation such as HHUGS, who organise the Eid party, just shows that they not only matter but are loved and cared for.

“Children carry a stigma when having a loved one in prison. Sometimes it is even used against them and contact with family members is stopped, leaving them feel criminalised.

“Parties like these shows that children are validated and their happiness matters. They are appreciated and loved by those who don’t even know them. There is an opposite side to the negative spectrum they become so used to experiencing. JazakAllah Khair and may Allah swt bless you for all your kind efforts honestly.”

Feeling safe, free, and not judged may be something you’re accustomed to. But when there’s a lack of it, the spaces in which you do feel safe become precious. These are the spaces that HHUGS provide – and we’re only able to because of you.

“We look forward to meeting others who have been through similar traumatic experiences and it gives us a chance to talk about things without being judged negatively.”

Be it indoor soft play or a zoo, each space provides fun – but ultimately, besides all the joy, it provides a pocket of time in which they’re surrounded by people who understand them, who don’t need to share words but with a smile and a nod there’s a common understanding.

Your generosity has provided such an experience to uplift families – and that cannot be repaid, but only Allah can compensate in the hereafter – where the greatest reward is.

There’s still an opportunity to help towards our next Eid party this Summer. Donate now.