Eid Mubarak! TaqabalAllahu minna wa minkum! On behalf of our beneficiaries, trustees, staff and volunteers at HHUGS, we hope you have a memorable day with your loved ones. 

We pray that Allah accepts your sacrifice, fasting, charity, and worship during the blessed ten days of Dhul Hijjah. Ameen.

The delight of Eid abounds, the day after believers are freed from the fire. It couldn’t be a more joyous occasion to celebrate with your loved ones.

During the best ten days, you showered His Creation with mercy. You could have completed your Qurbani abroad, with a cheaper option, but you continued to think of our families and chose to give closer to home.

104 of you were still determined to raise the bar and perform your Qurbani with HHUGS; donating £28080 to provide over 2120kg of mutton in total, which will be distributed amongst more than 505 people – 331 adults and 174 children in 150 HHUGS’ households this Eid.

“SubhanAllah the meat you gave us last year had so much barakah in it, that we used it sparingly and used the last 3 packs for our Eid meal this year! JazakAllahu khairun for everything.”

When you struggle to make ends meet, a gift of Qurbani means so much more. With the cost of meat rising, knowing people are thinking of you makes it more special.

“Jazak Allah for the meat. With the price of meat being so high in this climate of uncertainty, it’s a relief to receive this gift. Allah grant all of you at HHUGS a great reward and all those who give towards HHUGS.”

Alongside Qurbani, you gifted the joy of Eid through gifts.

“My children wait for the gifts from HHUGS.  I can see the happiness in their eyes.”

“My children look forward to receiving Eid gifts, as there have been times when I couldn’t buy them gifts and having gifts sent from HHUGS filled them with happiness and joy.”

We pray that the joy and love you’ve shared with others find their way into your own home. As always, a big thank you from everyone at HHUGS for your ongoing support and dedication to our cause and families.

While you’re with your family today, please spare a thought for those who can’t experience that same happiness. You can share joy with them also.

“Eid is not for the one who wears new clothes. Eid is for the one whose obedience rises.” (Ibn Rajab)

The true meaning of Eid is to increase in obedience and gratitude to Him. We can embody gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy today with our loved ones by remembering those in need. There’s still time to fill a child’s heart with joy.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our donors and our impressive fundraisers – 62 of whom registered for our 10 day Race 2 Jannah and Give it Up Challenges, raising over £13738 . Your generosity will help families within our own community who are isolated and cast out.

We pray Allah (swt) accepts your Sadaqah and your efforts and continues to reward you long after this season has ended. May He grant us all istiqamah after the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah and the opportunity to live to see many more, Ameen.