Helping Households Under Great Stress (HHUGS) is the only UK registered charity, providing protection, empowerment and support to Muslim households harmfully affected by counter-terrorism and national security legislation in the UK and abroad.

For every person arrested or detained, a home is torn apart.  A mother, wife, sister, daughter, son or brother is left traumatised and vulnerable. More often than not, a family suddenly finds themselves without a breadwinner. Unable to afford basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, they struggle to continue with day-to-day life.  If that wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, families of a detainee are often ostracized from both the religious and ethnic communities as well as from the wider society.  They become isolated, desperately in need of help.

For most of us it’s hard to imagine a life without our husband, father or brother, without an income or community support. But these victims are real and they need our support.


Now, we may not be presenting mind-blowing legal solutions or billion pound schemes, but we’re offering simple assistance that makes a huge difference. Things like housing, education, counsellingand even driving lessons.

Our mission is to banish the ‘guilty by association’ label experienced by the wives and children of terror suspects. We believe that having committed no crime of their own, they don’t deserve to suffer.

By offering financial, emotional and practical support and advice, we strive to bring relief and protection to the families of those detained under counter terrorism or national security legislation. Most importantly, we aim to empower vulnerable women and children so that they are able to develop the necessary skills and confidence to support themselves, whilst also becoming part of a support network for others with similar difficulties.

At HHUGS we aim to:

o    Improve mental and physical health;

o    Restore confidence, self esteem, honour and dignity;

o    Strengthen family relationships;

o    Reduce social isolation;

o    Improve life coping skills; and

o    Increase an understanding of the criminal justice system.

With only a small team of dedicated staff, the majority of our work is carried out by a countrywide network of committed volunteers. Our services are free, confidential and tailored specifically to the needs of each family.  We’re committed to ensuring the active involvement of our beneficiaries in the planning and development of our services. That’s why, when those in need turn to us with a request, we do our very best to fulfil.

HHUGS is the only charity of its kind operating in the UK and from its inception in 2004 has been a beacon of light to over a 200 hundred families who struggle to survive in the shadows of society.

At HHUGS we want to help. But we don’t simply want to offer a plaster for the wounds of each family. Instead, we want to offer long-term solutions that empower families to financial and emotional stability.