Your ISOC is more than just a way of meeting new brothers and sisters. It’s an awesome machine capable of generating unity and empathy with those who are unseen, like the detainees HHUGS supports, as well as raising awareness and funds for their needs.

You can seize the opportunity right now and team up with your ISOC to fundraise for HHUGS and reap the rewards from all the money you raise.

There are lots of ways you can help HHUGS to assist our beneficiaries such as:

·         Auctioning donated items

·         Hosting an event

·         BBQ

·         Challenges (e.g. sky diving, treks, bungee jumping)

·         Bake off

With the help of Allah, even simply putting up posters in student common rooms, distributing leaflets and penny boxes go a long way.

You can also boost your CV and increase your chances of landing your dream job by volunteering your skills and gaining new ones with HHUGS including:

·         Social media

·         Film

·         Design

·         Writing

·         Organising events

·         Running stalls

·         Administration

·         Fundraising via mosque collections and online

Get your ISOC to work and contact HHUGS now:

0207 733 2104

[email protected]