As a HHUGS volunteer you can do various jobs that are suitable for you skill set and do what you will enjoy the most. HHUGS aims to provide the best support to its families and volunteers play a big part in making this happen.

Befriender and Keyworkers

If you have that friendly, soothing and gentle character, then we are searching for you to join our befriending team!

Our most vital and intimate role is that of a Keyworker, where you regularly meet families who are in need of HHUGS from the very day that they are effected by “Anti-Terror” laws. Brothers who have recently left prison and are feeling lost and confused or sisters, who have children and relied on their husbands for support, need someone there to help them get back onto their feet and return to normalcy again. This means you are their (often only) supporter and friend, offering them practical and most importantly, emotional support during one of the most terrifying ordeals of their life.

This could include basic help like filling in HHUGS finance forms to offering advice! HHUGS and these families are completely reliant on such incredible volunteers, without whom, HHUGS would struggle to carry out its work.

And the reward is ongoing! Aiding your fellow Muslim brother or sister become independent could result in lifetimes of reward, as they, and their children will continue to benefit from your kindness and help.

And if that sounds like a little too much then there are so many more

ways you can get involved!…


Social butterfly, Coffee Lover

One of the beauties of Islam is that it knows no cultural boundaries so come and mingle with some amazing people!

Many of us enjoy a chat over some good strong coffee or soothing herbal tea. HHUGS’ “Monthly Coffee Mornings” provide a safe social space that enables families to enjoy mutual support, share thoughts and create understanding. Whether you’re a chatterbox or “caffeine fiend”, HHUGS wants to hear from caring, reliable, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about bringing positive change to our families.

Being able to offer regular gatherings like coffee mornings and bazaars is important for those we assist so that they can build their social networks, which helps reduce loneliness and isolation. By regularly volunteering your time to HHUGS you can help organise each session, e.g. setting up, serving tea/coffee and clearing, also giving you the chance to please Allah.


Petrol Head, Shopaholic

You like to get behind the wheel, go places and meet people, right? Transform that into reward with Allah and drive to unite families and individuals with their loved ones by taking mothers and children to prison visits. Or carry out responsibilities that we sometimes take for granted?!  You might be helping them with food shopping so that they can feed their little ones or get them to health saving hospital appointments. If petrol expenses are a factor don’t worry, HHUGS can cover them if required.


Inner Child

Do children bring out the best in you? Do you fancy some “training” before having some of your own? You can make a huge difference to the lives of babies and children whose parents are under great strain. Perhaps one is currently imprisoned and this completely throws the family off balance. Situations like these can affect the way a child relates to his/her friends and adults. Give some relief to both parent and child alike by being a source of much needed interaction and play by volunteering your time to mentor the youth of effected families. When we show mercy to our young ones, Allah shows us mercy.

Please note: Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is required (previously known as enhanced CRB check).


Master Chef

We all love to eat food but you’re in your element in the kitchen! Tantalise taste buds with your awesome culinary skills and be a means for alleviating distress, particularly when the main breadwinner has been imprisoned. When this happens there can be little motivation for cooking and eating so your generosity and efforts would certainly be vital for HHUGS’ families having the strength to keep going. You can choose to either cook weekly or monthly homemade meals and would be on a rota base system so families can enjoy meals from all over the world right in their homes.


Events Enthusiast

Are you the kind of person who loves attending events in your spare time?

HHUGS are incredibly keen to highlight the plight of families under great stress by reaching as many events as possible. This is made easier with friendly and flexible volunteers who can promote the work of HHUGS in the form of stalls or networking with event visitors. Seize the opportunity to do some all-important PR for HHUGS and help us get our name out there!

HHUGS Office


This is a great opportunity for students, graduates and those considering a career change to get involved in a 12 week placement adding value to HHUGS’ projects and events. You will be enhancing your skills and developing new ones which will look impressive on a CV and may help you to land that dream job.

General Administration

Admin volunteers support team members with a variety of tasks which vary depending on the responsibility and complexity. Tasks include call centre work, tracking donations and pledges, database updating, producing documents, filing, proof reading and mailing. These tasks will help to build your CV references, IT and admin skills, which can be transferred into future work and study as well as getting to know what happens behind the scenes at HHUGS.


If you are a graduate, an experienced professional or retired senior there is an opportunity for you to volunteer your professional skills to assist with HHUGS’ services. Everyone has a talent that will support the work we do and that can range from web design, marketing, IT, accounting, photography, digital media and more. Get in touch and let us know how your expertise can be put to use for a good cause.