“By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you spend of that which you love; and whatever of good you spend, Allah knows it well.”

[Qur’an 3:92]

A penny doesn’t sound like much, it may seem quite insignificant as it sits in your purse or wallet, but over time a few pennies add up to make a difference to some of the defenseless and vulnerable families in the cities we live, in sha Allah.

A Penny Box is a simple way to raise money for HHUGS. A great opportunity for you to get the general public to get actively involved in supporting our work is by placing a Penny Box at the till of a shop, restaurant, café or library; this will prompt customers to drop spare change into the Penny Box.

You can even place a Penny Box in your workplace or home for family, friends and colleagues to participate by dropping spare change into the Penny Box. By displaying a Penny Box, you will be helping to raise awareness of HHUGS at the same time, in sha Allah.


How does it work?

A license is not required to place a Penny Box in a shop, restaurant, café, library or workplace. However, you must seek permission from the business owner or office manager.

A member of the HHUGS team will post out a Penny Box, which will be secured and tamper proof. When it is full, give us a call and we will arrange for it to be sent back to us and replace it with a new empty Penny Box thus you can continue your amazing work of supporting HHUGS, in sha Allah.

After your first collection, we will send you a Certificate of Appreciation to celebrate your generosity. You can display this to encourage more donations and create a real sense of brotherhood, in sha Allah.


I am interested, now what?

If you want to make a small change that can make a difference, complete the Penny Box request form and we will send one out so you can make those pennies count! In sha Allah!

May Allah accept your efforts and reward you for your noble act.



Thank you for supporting the families of HHUGS to make a small change can make a big difference!

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By requesting a Penny Box, you agree for HHUGS to be in touch with you from time to time to find out how you are getting on with your fundraising collection. Also, we value your support and will keep your contact details on our database for the purpose of informing you about events, news and ways to support HHUGS, inshaAllah May Allah accept your efforts and reward you for your noble act.