Temporary Administrative Assistant A MOTHER'S TALE Samara's Story  Fundraising and Volunteering Assistant Hanna's Story

Temporary Administrative Assistant

The role of the Administration Assistant is to assist the HHUGS team in their work by providing ad hoc support wherever it is required.... more


HHUGS ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DINNER: Celebrating the Heroic Women Who Triumphed Against All Odds... more

Samara's Story

“I was just moving along like a puppet, you know how a puppet has strings attached and you just move along how they tell you to move along?” ... more

Fundraising and Volunteering Assistant

We are seeking a talented, inspired, and energetic Fundraising and Volunteering Assistant to provide a proactive, efficient and comprehensive administ... more

Hanna's Story

It was summer but still a typical gloomy day in London, Hanna thought, as she looked outside her aeroplane window. Of course, she was familiar with th... more
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